‘LawWithoutWalls’ Program in the Eyes of an In-House Counsel
Alda Loureiro, Regional Legal Counsel, Americas, Wäsrtilä North America, Inc, USA
A Case for Legal Due Diligence in Humanitarian Engagements
Jeffrey Erickson, Clinical Professor, The Pennsylvania State University, USA
A Review of Industrial Arbitration Court Cases in Singapore
Patrick Tay Teck Guan, Director, Legal Services, National Trades Union Congress , Singapore
A Review of the Law Relating to the Protection of Copyright and Trade Secrets in Jamaica
Tara Carnegie, Legal officer, Lascelles deMercado & Co. Limited, Jamaica
A Simple Yet Effective Guide to Managing a Team
Rachel Cunnningham-Day, General Counsel, SwapsWire, UK
A Test for the 'test' of Distinctiveness - The Saga Continues...
Sarah Hinchliffe, Harvard Law School (Visiting Scholar); Boston University (School of Law); University of Melbourne (Department of Accounting,; Barrister and Solicitor (HCA, Vic), Australia & USA
A Typical Day When the Regulator comes Knocking on your Door
Catherine Leung, Senior Associate, Yang Chan & Jamison LLP (member firm of Deloitte Legal), Hong Kong
Valarie Fung, Partner, Yang Chan & Jamison LLP (member firm of Deloitte Legal), Hong Kong
Artificial Intelligence: IPR, Liability and Ethical Issues
Shilpi Sneha, Manager - Legal, Cognizant Technology Solutions, India
Rajat Rashmi, Senior Manager - Legal, Cognizant Technology Solutions, UAE
Becoming a True Partner to the Business
Julie Preng, Managing Director, Legal Specialty Practice, Korn, USA
Black Swan: The Aftermath
Safir Anand, Senior Partner and Head of Trademarks, Contractual & Commercial IP, Anand and Anand, India
Blockchain: From 'Why' to 'What' and Regulating 'How'
Scott Farrell, Partner, King & Wood Mallesons, Australia
Jimmy Kvarnström, Head of Nordic/Baltic Legal, NASDAQ, Sweden
Andreas Gustafsson, Senior Vice President, Chief Counsel Europe Nasdaq, NASDAQ OMX, Sweden
Blood, Paper, & Bed: How to Mitigate Risk Doing Business with the U.S. Federal, State, and Local Governments
Jenny Kim, Deputy GC & VP, Public Policy, Koch Companies Public Sector, USA
Garret Scronce, Political Compliance and Operations Analyst , Koch Companies Public Sector, USA
Bringing Fairness to FCPA Settlements: Protecting the Corporate Form through Respondeat Inferior Subsidiary Liability
Peter Manda, Attorney, Peter Manda, Esq., USA
Business as Usual?
Robert Alpert, President/In House Counsel, ICALM GROUP, USA
Checkmate, Forum-Shoppers: How Uniform Rules of Procedure Can End The Beit Din Selection Stalemate
Ben Turin, General Counsel and Director of Public Affairs, Kars 4 Kids Inc, USA
Company Law
Andrew Thornton, Barrister, Erskine Chambers
Comparative Analysis between the U.S. Executive Order and the Tokyo Prefectural Ordinance against Yakuza - Synchronization of Anti Mafia Activities in Japan, the U.S., and the World
Yasushi Kudo, Attorney at Law, Nagashima, Ohno & Tsunematsu, Japan
Daisuke Takahashi, Attorney at Law, Shinwa General Law Offices, Japan
Competition Law – Recent Developments and Practical Guidance for In-house Counsel
Tobias Caspary, Partner, Fried Frank LLP, UK
Competition Law: Recent Developments and Practical Guidance for In-house Counsel
Helen Nicklin, Counsel, Virgin Media, UK
Dr. Tobias Caspary, Fried Frank, Senior Associate, London/Frankfurt
Considering the Rationale of Incorporating Force Majeure Clauses in Commercial Contracts Between the Parties to a Commercial Contract
Anna Lefcovitch, Solicitor, Arcadis, UK
Professor Charles Chatterjee, Associate Fellow , Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, UK
Contract Design and Simplification – is this now a must-do?
Stefania Passera, Contract Designer, World Commerce & Contracting, Passera Design, Finland
Paula Doyle, Chief Legal Innovation Officer, World Commerce & Contracting , USA
Corporate Governance - India as Compared to Other Countries with Specific Reference to Canada
Amit Atre, Assistant Manager – Corporate Secretarial, Persistent Systems Limited, India
Vikas Agarwal, Associate General Manager – Corporate Secretarial, Persistent Systems Limited, India, Persistent Systems Limited, India
Vivek Sadhale, Company Secretary and Head - Legal, Persistent Systems Limited, India
Corporate Governance: The International Dimension
Lord Davidson of Glen Clova QC, Axiom Advocates, UK
Creating a Legal Smart Grid
Iain Jacobs, Managing Director (former General Counsel, Alstom Service Sector) The Contract Centre, Switzerland
Data Transfer from the European Economic Area to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations; Strategic Considerations for In-house Counsel
Noris Ismail, Co-Founder & Managing Consultant, Quotient Consulting, UK
Decisions of ICSID Tribunals on Procedural Issues may not be confused with their Awards
Anna Lefcovitch, Solicitor, Arcadis LLP , UK
Charles Chaterjee, C/o Anna Lefcovitch, Solicitor , Arcadis, UK
Doing More with Less: Structuring Legal Knowledge to Transform Your Legal Department
Erik Smetana, Political Compliance Specialist, Koch Companies Public Sector LLC, USA
Martin Kwedar, Senior Counsel and de facto General Counsel to i360, Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC, USA
Drafting Commercial Contracts Some Practical Ideas
Christopher Parr, Director, Courtney Consultancy Ltd, UK
Duties of Directors in the Maritime/Offshore Verticals in an Age of Maritime Terrorism
Kishore Vaangal, PhD, Global Practice Leader: Entrepreneurship, CSR Evangelism, Ethical Governance and Institutional Economics, Ram Ram, India
Earnouts: Advantages, Disadvantages and How to Structure Them
Roque Romero, Regional General Counsel - Europe, Agility Logistics, UK
Employment Law – The changing state of employment regulation globally – are there easier (or harder) jurisdictions in which to employ staff changing?
Michael Burd, Partner, Lewis Silkin LLP, UK
Erik Deur, Partner, Bronsgeest Deur, Netherlands
European Data Protection: A Review of the New Regulatory Framework
Claire Walsh, Partner, Cannings Connolly, UK
Evaluating the Role of Negotiations in the Alternative Dispute Resolution System
Anna Lefcovitch, Solicitor, Arcadis, UK
Professor Charles Chatterjee, Associate Fellow , Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, UK
Everything You Know About Lawyer Selection is Wrong: Big Data Analyzes Litigation
Toby Unwin, Chief Information Officer, Premonition LLC, USA
EVOLVING LAWYERS into LEADERS: 'egotistic experts' to 'integrative Leaders’.. .
Rowan Gillies, Leadership & Organisational Coach-Consultant, Mediator & Lawyer
Expert Witnesses at a Conference with Counsel: A Pracitical Guide
Mark Solon, Managing Director & Solicitor, Wilmington Plc, UK
Failed Contract Relationships: Are the Lawyers to Blame?
Tim Cummins, CEO of The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management
Formulating a Whistleblowing Policy and it's Implementation
Professor R Balakrishnan, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, India
Formulating Code of Conduct & Ethics
Professor R Balakrishnan, Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, India
Get a Hold of your Global Contract Translation Process for Improved Accuracy, Quality and Fast Delivery
Chanin Ballance, President & CEO, VIA, Inc., USA
Global Corporate Contumaciousness with Respect to Valuations - The Grey Area of Corporate Law
Kishore Vaangal, PhD, Strategic Entrepreneur, Governance Professional and Ethicist, W S Atkins, India
Global Meets Local: How General Counsel Navigate Clashes Between Global Standards and Local Law and Custom
Michael Solender, Global Vice Chair and General Counsel, EY , USA
Global spread of DPA regimes: What they mean for multinationals
Daniel Igra, Investigations Counsel, Nokia Corporation, UK
Going Global: A Case Study of Lincoln Center’s Legal Department
Michelle Millard, Legal Fellow, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, USA
Lesley Rosenthal, Vice President General Counsel & Secretary, Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts, Inc., USA
Greening the Corporation: Advising Companies on Compliance with Corporate Sustainability Requirements
Dana M. Newman, Partner, The General Counsel LLC, USA
I Can Name that Brand in Three Notes: Non-Traditional Trademarks for Traditional Goods
Kathy Belleau, Assistant General Counsel - Intellectual Property and Procurement Legal, Pitney Bowes Inc., USA
Increasing Your In-House Law Department's Efficiency: How Your Clients Can Help You
Axel Viaene, Group General Counsel & Company Secretary, GrandVision, Netherlands
Intellectual Property: Getting the Best out of External IP Counsel
Sophie Braithwaite, In-house legal counsel, Airwave Solutions Limited ("Airwave")
Dr Julian Potter, Partner, WP Thompson, UK
Gill Smaggasgale, Partner, WP Thompson, UK
Intra-Group Communications: An Avenue to More Efficient Legal Risk Management
Kaisa Enkkela, Communications Manager, VR Group, Finland
IP Strategy in the Age of Big Data
Joren De Wachter, IP Strategist, Integrating Technology, IP & business models, Belgium
Key Learnings for In-House Legal Counsel from the Covid-19 Pandemic
Veronica Aina Oyetunde, Contracts Specialist, Dangote Industries Limited, Nigeria
Lawyers and Technology – Use ‘IT’ or Lose It
Jeffery Tan, Group General Counsel, Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited, Singapore
Lawyers and the Financial Litigation Tsunami
Dr Karl Mackie, Chair of the European Litigation Summit 2009 and Chief Executive, CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution), UK
Lawyers on Boards: Going Beyond the ‘Legal’ Label
Jeffery Tan, Group General Counsel, Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited, Singapore
Leveraging Outside Vendors in a Changing Legal Landscape
Richard Reade, UK General Counsel, ISS, UK
Michael D. Bell, Founder and managing principal, Fronterion LLC.
M&A and the Need for Proper Governance Processes in the Defence/Homeland Security Verticals and the Grave Security Threat to Sovereign Nations - The Most Petrifying Area of National and International Security:
Kishore Vaangal, PhD, Strategic Entrepreneur, Governance Professional and Ethicist, Ram Ram, India
Management - Making Your Legal Department a Successful Business Unit - Showing the Value Your Group Brings to Your Company
Martin English, Sales Director – Serengeti (EMEA), Thomson Reuters, UK
Ros Innes, Head of In-house and ABS, Thomson Reuters Legal, UK & Ireland, UK
Managing Copyright in the Digital Age of Publishing and Advertising
Fernanda Rocha, Digital Rights Manager, Latin America, Y&R, USA
Maximising Total Compensation as an In-house Lawyer
Brian Littleton, Head of In-House - London, Chadwick Nott, UK
Merger and Acquisition During Covid 19 Situation – Strange Experience
Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, President (Legal) & General Counsel, Hinduja Group, London, UK
On the Outside: The Place of In-House Counsel Within Australia's Modern Legal Landscape
Martin Meredith, Australia
Sascha Hindmarch, Au Printemps Sa, Australia
Opportunity and Crisis: A Primer on Business Continuity Planning
Gabrielle Brussel, Executive Vice President-Legal Affairs & General Counsel,JCDecaux North America, Inc., USA
Post Pandemic Corporate Lawyers in the New Normal
Jeffery Tan, Group General Counsel, Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited, Singapore
Reading Between the Lines: Competitive Intelligence Through EDGAR Filings
Russell L. Boltwood, EVP/General Counsel, Transpacific IP Management Group Pte., Ltd., Singapore
Recent Patent Legislation and Court Decisions in the United States: Impact on Validity of Patents and on Obtaining, Licensing, and Enforcing Patents
Chris Paschall, Licensing Manager, University of Virginia Licensing & Ventures Group, USA
Rodney Sparks, Senior Biotechnology Patent Counsel, University of Virginia Licensing & Ventures Group, USA
Recent Trends in US Mergers and Acquisitions: Litigation and Regulatory Actions
Kenneth Thompson, II, Chief Legal Officer, LexisNexis Group, USA
R. Samuel Snider, Vice President & Lead Acquisition Counsel, LexisNexis Group, USA
Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards: How Effective is Article V of the New York Convention of 1958?
Charles Chaterjee, LL.M (Cambridge), LL.M, PhD (London), Barrister, Associate Fellow, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London, UK
Anna Lefcovitch, Solicitor, Arcadis LLP , UK
Regulation of Hybrid Financial Instruments Proposed by the OECD
Ekaterina Pleskova, Tax Analyst, Netherlands
Research Data Management – An Overview by a Librarian
Sangita Purohit, Head Library, Amrut Mody School of Business Management - Ahmedabad University, India
Sexual Misconduct: Lessons Learned from Investigations in the Workplace
Kelsey Froehlich, Partner, Mintz Group LLC, UK
Clancy Nolan, Director, Mintz Group LLC, USA
Staci Dresher, Partner, Associate General Counsel, Mintz Group LLC, USA
'shouldn't Mediation be Spreading in Finland and the Nordics?'
Anna Hietala, Associate Legal Counsel, Power Plants Legal Affairs, Wärtsilä Corporation, Finland
Tim Williams, Senior Legal Counsel, Wärtsilä Finland Oy, Power Plants, Finland
Stormy Digital Weather Ahead: The Forecast for Cross-Border eDiscovery in the Context of Litigation and Regulatory Investigations
M. James Daley, Esq., Co-founder, Daley & Fey LLP, USA
Laura Clark Fey, Co-founder, Daley & Fey LLP, USA
Alison Wisniewski, Senior Legal Counsel, EPIQ Systems, Inc., USA
Jayne Rothman, Vice President, Corporate Counsel, EPIQ Systems, Inc., USA
Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation
Gillian Phillips, Director Editorial Legal Services , Guardian News and Media Limited , UK
Systemic Fraud and Error
David Lawler, Expert Forensic Accountant, Forensic Risk Alliance (FRA), UK
The Case for Caution in the Drafting and Interpretation of Limitation or Exclusion of Liability Clauses in Contracts and Legislations
Veronica Oyetunde, Contracts Specialist, Dangote Industries Limited, Nigeria
The Changing Role of Legal Department – Can Artificial Intelligence Influence it?
Abhijit Mukhopadhyay, President (Legal) & General Counsel, Hinduja Group, London, UK
The differences in the Intellectual Property needs of Companies Highlighted
David Broodryk, Manager: Intellectual Properties Services, M&I Group Limited, South Africa
The 'Fiasco' of the West Coast Rail Franchise and the European Public Procurement Rules
Rosemary Boyle, Senior Commercial Lawyer, Cambridge University, UK
The Future of U.S. Health Care Reform - What Might Fail; What Might Work
Steven A. Glazer, Administrative Law Judge, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, USA
The Global Impact of the New HIPAA Rules on Cloud Service Providers: A Hypothetical Conversation
Todd Tabor, Senior Counsel, HP Software, Cloud, and Opensource, Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), USA
The Life of a Sole In-House Counsel
Italo Cerullo, Head of Legal Affairs, Nonwovenn , UK
The New Digital Landscape Digital Smarts – A Post Covid Necessity for Leaders
Jeffery Tan, Group General Counsel, Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited, Singapore
The New Law on Competition in Croatia (2009)
Mirna Pavletic-Zupic, Member, Croatian Competition Council, Croatia
The Ownership Structure and Corporate Governance in Major Private Sector Companies of India (2000 -2010)
V.K.Malhotra, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, C.C.S.University, India
Manoj Agarwal, Compliance Officer, Company Secretary, Prakash Industries Limited, India
The Real ID Act and the Public Administration of Global Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Policies
Bart Bevers, Chief Legal Counsel, Health & Human Svc Commission, USA
The Virtual In-House Lawyer - A New Model For The Changing Economic Climate
Claudia Gerrard, Legal Director, Ortolan Legal Limited, UK
Transfer of Business in the Czech Republic
Richard Baček, General Counsel, Siemens, Czech Republic
Who Is Responsible For A Company's Prospectus When The Company’s Shares Have Been Admitted For Trading On A Regulated Market?
Andreas Blomquist, Legal Counsel, NASDAQ OMX, Sweden
Why it's Important to Have an Effective Compliance Management System in Place
Paul Martin, Director Compliance and Strategic Initiatives, United Lender Services, USA