Negotiating IT Contracts – A Walk to Canossa?

Martin Frey, General Counsel, Crealogix AG

For many years I have negotiated IT contracts, mainly in Switzerland and Germany, and made valuable experience which I would like to share and gain feedback on it. For the purpose of this paper, IT contracts mainly consist of project agreements, license contracts, and support and maintenance arrangements (I intentionally exclude hardware agreements). I fully appreciate that there are more types of agreements such as cloud solutions, outsourcing arrangements etc. however at the end most of them can be reduced to services in a broad sense and licensing.

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Contract IT October 2016 Vol.10, No. 37, Autumn 2016

Martin Frey


Martin Frey General Counsel of CREALOGIX born 18 June 1966 in Berne, Switzerland Law Studies in Berne, Switzerland Legal Counsel in companies such as Credit Suisse, IBM, Ascom

Contract IT October 2016 Vol.10, No. 37, Autumn 2016