IICJ Paper Fighting the fog: How to provide comprehensible advice on regulatory matters making sure that it is perceived as an added value Rosario Baratta, General Counsel, Telecom Italia, Italy

The role of the regulatory affairs (and antitrust) department in a vertically integrated company operating in highly regulated markets is by definition a central one. Most of the activities carried out by the different departments of such companies are in fact directly or indirectly affected by either antitrust law or sector specific regulation (indeed in many instances they are affected by both). Each of the operational departments, in fact, needs to operate and/or to have access to an adequate and effective assessment of the relevant regulatory and antitrust rules in order to carry out its relevant activities.
Rosario Baratta
Telecom Italia
Telecom Italia Group is the Italy's leading provider of advanced telecommunications, the Group operates in fixed-line and mobile telecommunications, internet, media, and in office and systems solutions. Telecom Italia is a top player in Europe through its Broadband Project, and in South America through TIM Brasil.
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