IICJ Paper Internal auditing and its role in corporate governance Mr R Balakrishnan, Company Secretary, HiTs Africa Ltd, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

Corporate governance is a vital component of a company’s ethical compass. The board of directors of the company establishes the organization's governance process through written policy statements which define the roles of the board of directors, senior and management team members, internal audit and others.
Mr Balakrishnan Balakrishnan
Mr R Balakrishnan was awarded the runner up award of Company Secretary of the year 2007 - Highly commended by the ICSA of UK and he is the first Indian to get such an award. He is also the first Indian to get certified by the CICS in the USA and on this account his name is recorded in the National Records of Limca Books of records. Mr Balakrishnan joined HiTs Africa Ltd, Bahrain as Company Secretary six months ago and prior to that he was with Foseco India Ltd, a multinational NSE / BSE listed company dealing in specialty chemicals. He has worked in different capacities within Foseco such as Controller of Accounts, Internal Auditor and handled works accounting, regional sales accounting, cost accounting, financial accounting up to finalization. He has a quest for knowledge both acquiring and sharing and has acquired a considerable number of professional qualifications. He attends all the major seminars conducted by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He also delivers lectures and presentations in many such seminars. He is an ardent writer and takes a great pleasure in contributing articles to journals and backgrounders of professional interest. Mr Balakrishnan's expertise gained primarily during the course of his association with his current organisation viz. Foseco India Ltd, Pune, is reflected in the growing appreciation that he has been receiving for his presentations at various seminars of the Institute as well as his contribution to the backgrounders of the Corporate Centre for Research & Training (CCRT) programmes, more particularly in the area of corporate governance, the most recent being on Audit Committee. He exemplifies what is a part of the values of his organization i.e. Empowerment, Lead by example, Deliver the promise and continuous improvement.
HiTs Africa Ltd
HiTs Africa was established in 2007 by the House of Integrated Technologies and Systems, a limited liability company registered in Saudi Arabia (HITS KSA) as an exempted limited liability company registered in the Cayman Islands with an objective of exploring the growing opportunities presented by the telecom sector in Africa. The company’s long term vision is to become a provider of “human communication to connect and improve our customers” lives. HiTs Africa intends initially to focus on offering telecom services in the identified Target Markets. Currently HiTs Africa is developing an expansion plan in Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Liberia.
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