Expert Witnesses at a Conference with Counsel: A Pracitical Guide

Mark Solon, Managing Director & Solicitor, Wilmington Plc, UK

This guide is intended to help expert witnesses understand the purpose of a conference with counsel. If you are a lawyer, you can cut out and keep this article to pass to your expert if they are to attend a conference. I will focus on civil claims but similar principles apply to arbitrations, criminal and family matters. The starting point is the Guidance for the instruction of experts in civil claims by the Civil Justice Council: The purpose of this Guidance is to assist litigants, those instructing experts and experts to understand best practice in complying with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and court orders. Counsel will use this to ensure the conference complies with the CPRs and experts should read and follow the Guidance. So lets look at the basics.

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Expert Witness General May 2020 Vol.13, No. 51, Spring 2020

Mark Solon


Mark Solon is the Chairman of the Legal Division of Wilmington Plc. Mark Solon is acknowledged as one of the UK’s leading experts on expert witnesses, investigatory practice, witness familiarisation and continuing professional development. He is a solicitor, a qualified Attorney at Law in California and has an MSc in Shipping Trade and Finance with distinction from the City University. He has been instrumental in improving the standard of expert evidence over the last twenty years and regularly chairs conferences of up to 500 delegates as well as speaking at many conferences. He has written numerous articles relating to evidence and several books. He has in depth knowledge of the legal and evidential issues around forensic science, emergency planning, surveillance and the work of many specialist intelligence and prosecution agencies. He frequently appears on television and radio dealing with evidential issues. He has been described by one senior expert witness under his cross-examination as “the love child of Stephen Hawking and a Rottweiler.” Mark founded Bond Solon in 1992 and the company has since grown to become the largest provider of law related training to non-lawyers.

Wilmington Plc


Wilmington Plc turns over around £125m pa and Mark’s Legal Division includes Central Law Training in England and Wales, Scotland and Eire and provides training, conferences, professional support services and information including legal continuing professional development, expert witness training, databases, magazines and specialist reports. The Division runs around 5000 events every year.

Expert Witness General May 2020 Vol.13, No. 51, Spring 2020

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