IICJ Paper The differences in the Intellectual Property needs of Companies Highlighted David Broodryk, Manager: Intellectual Properties Services, M&I Group Limited, South Africa

Managing the intellectual properties of a well established company with budget approvals always relatively easily secured, created visions of a smooth ride into distant retirement. Not that our employer was prepared to dish out intellectual property funds without proper justification. But it all seemed so easy working with bricks and mortar, clearly understanding the nature of the products and services offered within our Group of Companies. After all, this had been going on for the past 50 years. Even the company board of directors understood our needs, our suggestions and had over many decades demonstrated an extremely comfortable relationship with intellectual properties as if part-and-parcel of the fundamentals of Group asset management. To put it mildly, our IP team set up base in a comfort zone where not even a killer hurricane would spring a surprise on us.
David Broodryk
David Broodryk
David Broodryk’s career commenced, after completion of his articles and securing the legal degrees B.Juris and LLB, at the intellectual properties firm Adams & Adams where he realized that intellectual properties and, especially trade marks, represented a challenging career opportunity, a decision which he has not regretted to this day. David thereafter spent 15 years with the South African Breweries beverage company in Johannesburg (today known as SAB Miller), as Manager: Legal Services. It was only in 1998 that he had the opportunity to return to the Cape coast when he joined the company M&I Group, ie a service company rendering intellectual property, secretarial, finance and other services to a range of client companies that form part of the Group, including companies in fields ranging from beverages to health care and including mobile technology and venture capital opportunities.
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