Intermediary Dilemma

Nitin Bhati, Executive Director - Legal, Rackbank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd, India

In today’s digital world everyone is connected with technology either in the form of the internet or in some form of data which infact brings fear in the mind of user as every time cyber attackers/hackers can cause unforeseen damages. One click on the mouse starts a new digital transaction which travels across globe to serve it purpose and in true manners travels through different laws as data has broken all barriers. The last decade has seen unprecedented growth in digital technology and the generation of data by users has gained unbelievable momentum. But are we prepared to handle so much data as a new form of business? To address the needs of business new fields have started such as data mining,data analytics and data management. Rackbank CEO Mr. Narendra Sen everyday keeps on saying DATA is the new money and world needs new Data Centres to serve this purpose.

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India Data Protection IT September 2020 Vol.13, No. 52, Summer 2020

Nitin Bhati


Since the law days, I was very much keen on the laws related to technology. After being a litigator and having experience of arguing before various courts to enhance my knowledge and skill I did few certificate courses in Cyberlaw and Legal process outsourcing along with forensics. Initially, I started working with a web designing company in the name of Emax Global for the prevention of online privacy then gradually I shifted to startups where I had spend a fantastic time with Walkover and Shopkirana two very buddying startups. After joining rack bank there is no looking back as the digital world is growing and the DATA center industry is growing nicely.

Rackbank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd


RackBank is a hyper-scale and wholesale datacenter platform for cloud, content and large enterprise customers across the Emerging Markets. We develop and operate datacenter campuses with proven reliability, technology innovation and energy efficiency. Our unique capabilities, design and construction methodologies allow us to provide our customers with a scalable and sustainable datacenter solution at a significantly lower operating cost than other providers.

India Data Protection IT September 2020 Vol.13, No. 52, Summer 2020

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