Leaning in and the Rules of Attraction – One Legal Team’s Experience of Engaging Internal Clients in a Fast Growth Tech Business

Stephanie Woods, Senior Legal Counsel , TotallyMoney , UK
Sharon Evans, General Counsel, TotallyMoney, UK

How should a small legal team in a fast growth fintech business engage with internal clients? How do we make sure that we are doing the right work at the right time and that we are actively managing legal risk? Our answers to these questions have evolved over time and will no doubt continue to evolve in the future. Our current approach is to reject off-the-shelf, top-down legal processes and legal tech in favour of human contact and ‘leaning in’ to existing business processes. We see our brief as being to attract internal clients, to draw them in and keep them close. To do this, we aim to mould the legal team to the business, rather than vice versa.

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United Kingdom Management Banking & Finance February 2021 Vol.14, No. 54, Winter 2021

Stephanie Woods



Sharon Evans


Sharon joined TotallyMoney in 2015 and became General Counsel in 2016. Sharon is responsible for legal and compliance matters across the TotallyMoney group. Prior to joining TotallyMoney, Sharon specialised in privacy and technology contracts and led the legal function at Expedia Affiliate Network, as well as earlier legal roles at the Guardian and Sony Music. Along with DAC Beachcroft partner Tim Ryan, in 2019 Sharon co-founded the Digital Collective, a group of like-minded senior lawyers who use the forum to discuss law and in-house life in digital businesses.



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United Kingdom Management Banking & Finance February 2021 Vol.14, No. 54, Winter 2021

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