IICJ Paper Fair Competition Law - Restoring Justice to its Rightful Station Silvio Meli, President, Commission for Fair Trading, Malta

The momentous fiscal and economic initiatives undertaken in 1994 are seen as a vital source of legal, commercial, entrepreneurial and civic consequence. Whilst conceptually placing justice in its deserved pivotal position in all ensuing commercial activity, it is argued that the corresponding enforcement mechanism is still deemed to be lacking in direction and effectiveness. The purpose of the whole exercise is to argue that justice deserves to be restored in its rightful station to be able to help all the main characters involved to flourish in peace.
Silvio Meli
Silvio Meli obtained his Doctorate in Law from the University of Malta. Earlier he read Economics, Sociology, Philosophy and History of Mediterranean Civilization, successfully obtaining his B.A. (General) (Part I) with distinction. He furthered his studies at the Faculty of Theology, Malta, where he read Philosophy and Theology, and at the Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Malta where he read Canonical Marriage Jurisprudence and Procedure. He successfully followed a course in Jurisprudence and Human Rights, organized by the University of Luton in Strasburg. He also obtained his Postgraduate Diploma in European Community Competition Law and his Postgraduate Diploma in European Community Law both from King’s College, University of London, London, England. He has been appointed Magistrate in 1990 and has been the President of the Commission for Fair Trading since its inception in 1995. He is also visiting lecturer in Philosophy of Law at the Faculty of Laws of the University of Malta.
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