Bringing the ‘Value Add’ to Commercial Contracts

Eleanor Ager, Commercial Director - Major Projects, Schneider Electric

As trained lawyers and legal experts we strive to ensure accurate and compliant textbook legal advice to ensure contracts are legally robust but, ultimately, does this make us a good ‘business partner’? The benefit of experience in a particular environment may give us confidence to adjust our stance and align to the business expectations, but how can we become more flexible and adapt more quickly?

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Contract Engineering June 2021 Vol.14, No. 55, Spring 2021

Eleanor Ager


30 years experience in the negotiation and execution of major infrastructure projects in the power, transport and oil and gas sector. After working as an international projects lawyer for National Power, I later moved into the rail business as Executive VP and Business General Counsel for the Invensys Rail Group. More recently moved into the commercial sector as Commercial Director within Schneider Electric Process Automation Division.

Contract Engineering June 2021 Vol.14, No. 55, Spring 2021