The Sustainable Contract

Edoardo Marcenaro, Head of Legal Affairs Global Infrastructure & Networks , Enel GI&N srl
Pietro Galizzi, Head of Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Affairs, Eni gas e luce S.p.A

Sustainability has been an integral part of Eni and Enel's culture and strategy for years, as well as a real source of economic value, driving a process of continuous and transversal improvement within both companies and the local communities of the countries in which the two companies are present. Sustainability is key to the mission of growth and development of both multinationals.

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Italy Contract Energy June 2021 Vol.14, No. 55, Spring 2021

Edoardo Marcenaro


Edoardo Marcenaro has been working in Enel Group since 2001, where he firstly took care of major M&A transactions in Eastern Europe up to 2008, following the legal affairs of the various companies acquired in the subsequent 10 years. Afterwards, he gave legal support in the establishment and start – up of Enel X, the company created for energy services, energy efficiency and electric mobility. Since January 2019 he is in charge of the legal department of Enel Global Infrastructures & Network.

Pietro Galizzi


Pietro Galizzi is the Head of Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Affairs at Eni gas e luce S.p.A., a company of Eni, one of the largest integrated energy companies in the world. He was previously General Counsel with Saipem. In these roles Pietro has covered, and been responsible for, a wide cross section of legal activity, including compliance, litigation/arbitration, contract negotiation, contract administration and the full range of corporate legal activities.

Eni gas e luce S.p.A


Eni gas e luce S.p.A. is an energy company which mainly sells natural gas and electricity to individuals and business. It also provides ancillary services such as insurance policies, maintenance and tools for an efficient use of energy. Eni gas e luce currently operates in 6 countries: Italy, France, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Slovenia. Clients are almost 10 million. Employees are approximately 1,600.

Enel GI&N srl


Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks srl is the global company dealing with the development and management of the networks in Enel, the Italian energy utility, with headquarters in Italy and present with distribution, generation and trading of energy worldwide.

Italy Contract Energy June 2021 Vol.14, No. 55, Spring 2021

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