IICJ Paper Data Protection Regulation in the Republic of Kosovo and Compliance by the Companies: A proposed Model for Kosovo Merita Kostanica, Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, IPKO Telecommunications, Republic of Kosovo

Most companies cannot survive without storing personal information of individuals in different forms. In today’s information society the flow of this information is becoming of fundamental importance for different purposes of companies. Present trends the way information flows around include widespread outsourcing arrangements, providing services from where companies find best skills and productivity, working far away from the employer, companies’ split-up functions in many different countries who transfer information between themselves online. Considering these scenarios, it is easy to see how the ability to process and transfer personal information can in effect be a company’s lifeblood.
Merita Kostanica
Merita Kostanica is Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs at IPKO Telecommunications LLC, Republic of Kosovo. Ms. Kostanica has graduated with Merits at University of London, Queen Mary College, in Commercial and Corporate Law, specialising in Company Law, Data Protection Law, Telecommunication Law and Legal Aspects of International Finance. From May 2006 Ms. Kostanica was employed as first In-House Legal Counsel at IPKO Telecommunications and was promoted as Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs at IPKO from August 2008. Being only 26 years old, with 9 years working experience Ms. Kostanica is a highly motivated professional. Ms. Kostanica's personal research interests include a wide range of commercial and corporate law issues such as privacy and data protection regulations. She has also been actively involved in a lawful interception of electronic communications projects to be implemented in Kosovo.
IPKO Telecommunications
IPKO Telecommunications is recognized as one of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in Europe. Established in 1999, IPKO has grown from being the first Kosova-wide internet provider to becoming a modern enterprise offering full range of integrated services as well as content, in mobile communications, fixed telephony, digital cable television, internet services as well as media. In less than one year IPKO achieved more than 35% of the marker share in mobile telephony, while remaining the leading internet and digital TV service provider, both in terms of number of costumers and network reach.
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