Tackling Change from Within an In-House Legal Function

Diana Kraft, VP & Deputy General Counsel, Amadeus
Maximilian Henkensiefken, Head of LEG Technology Operations, Amadeus
Sandra Kilbourne, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer and lead Operations & Transformation in LEG, Amadeus

Different Different, But Same: the Magic Mix for Change to be a Catalyst for Success “Same Same, but Different” is an expression heard regularly in Thailand (and elsewhere), often used when a person wants to tell someone nicely the opposite of what that person expected or wanted to hear. Some companies still metaphorically assert “Same Same” when it comes to recognizing change or believing it can be a force for good. Those that did not evolve because they viewed past success as justification for stagnation, blind to the evolution of what people wanted, the availability of innovative alternatives (Blockbuster, Kodak) or those whose early success lead to unchecked arrogance (and a deteriorating, toxic culture) created space for others to do better who then, in fact, did better. In response to those with this “Same Same” attitude towards change, the market answered using the full expression, emphasizing “but Different.” Such companies needed to have a fundamentally different mindset towards change as their overconfidence and wilful blindness was a recipe for failure.

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Germany Spain Management Leisure November 2023 Vol.16, No. 65, Autumn 2023

Diana Kraft


Diana Kraft is VP & Group Deputy General Counsel. In her role, she deputizes for the SVP & Group General Counsel on commercial and numerous other areas. This includes representing LEG on the management committee of the business units making up over 80% of Amadeus’ revenue, ensuring the legal team provides our commercial colleagues fast-paced, business-minded legal support; managing a wide array of crises (geopolitical, operational, people, reputational); contributing regularly to thought leadership publications and Industry Affairs/Regulatory initiatives, including representing Amadeus at industry conferences, with government officials and other key stakeholders. She has held various management positions with a particular focus on business model evolution and transformational leadership and is an active coach and mentor. Prior to Amadeus, she worked at several top-tiered U.S. and European law firms. Diana has B.A. from Stanford University in International Relations (with honors) with study at ESCP and Sciences Po in Paris and a J.D.-M.B.A. (cum laude) from the University of Michigan with study at IESE in Barcelona.

Maximilian Henkensiefken


Maximilian Henkensiefken has been with Amadeus since 2014 and rotated within Amadeus as legal counsel, before taking ownership of legal technologies since 2018. With a team of 9, he implements cutting edge tech and uniquely develops custom solutions and integrations for and even beyond Legal, External Affairs & Governance. As of late, Max has been at the forefront of developing AI solutions in risk and contact analysis, as well as legal reference data management. Max was born in Germany, but has lived abroad for most of his life, including in York in the UK where he obtained his BSc in Account, Management, Finance and Business before converting to law.

Sandra Kilbourne


Sandra Kilbourne is VP & Chief Risk & Compliance Officer as well as leading the Legal Operations unit in Amadeus. In her role as CRCO, she regularly reports to the Shareholders Board whilst working closely with the Executive Committee on a wide variety of risk & compliance topics. Sandra collaborates intensely with the SVP & Group General Counsel on the strategy, operations and transformation of the LEG Function in line with modern day business demands. She is a sought-after speaker in the Legal Operations space, and a committed champion of talent development and DEI topics. Sandra graduated from Cambridge University (BA (Hons) Law), collecting invaluable tech sector experience with top international law firms in London, before joining Amadeus. She will involve you in endless discussions on rowing, if you are not careful.



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Germany Spain Management Leisure November 2023 Vol.16, No. 65, Autumn 2023