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Pujarini Maulik, SVP Legal and Privacy Head, InMobi Technology Services Pvt. Ltd

In today’s digital day and age, consumption and dissemination of consumer data is a necessity for both consumers and businesses. What became a challenge is that somewhere in the evolution of digitisation, certain businesses have understood the lucrativeness of data driven decision making and have collected and continue to collect insurmountable amount of user data. Where such collection started overstepping the necessity of a service was when businesses started collecting user data under the radar without transparency to the users and also profiling the users, sometimes to their detriment so long as it served business gains. This propelled the regulators to step in and familiar concepts such as consent, data subject rights, data transfer impact assessment etc. surfaced requiring more transparency, privacy by design and accountability from businesses.

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Privacy IT March 2024 Vol.17, No. 66, Winter 2024

Pujarini Maulik


Pujarini Guha Maulik – has about 19+ years of experience as an in-house counsel and is currently engaged with InMobi as Senior Vice President-Legal & Privacy heading a team of 22+ in-house lawyers and privacy practitioners (and managing a network of external counsels). InMobi is present in about 13+ countries with business in 100+ countries, Pujarini oversees the legal and privacy portfolios across the board. Pujarini'sexposure in InMobi has been diverse starting from setting up a team from scratch to establishing robust processes towards Corporate Governance. Currently, Pujarini is also the presiding member of its Privacy Committee (CIPM certified).

Privacy IT March 2024 Vol.17, No. 66, Winter 2024