Navigating a Path to Ethical Innovation & Regulation for GenAI within India Inc. and Beyond

Divya Kumat, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary, Datamatics Global Services Limited
Puru Rohatgi, Legal & Secretarial Project Trainee, Datamatics Global Services Limited

In recent years, the landscape of industries has been dramatically transformed by the relentless march of digital technologies, fundamentally altering the way businesses operate. The evolution from mere digitization to full-fledged digital transformation has propelled businesses to unprecedented levels of scalability and efficiency . This relentless pursuit of innovation is not a new phenomenon but a timeless narrative of progress. The visionary thinkers of the 20th century laid the groundwork for the current era of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). As of 2023, the global market for artificial intelligence has already surpassed a staggering USD 200 billion, with projections soaring towards nearly USD 2 trillion by 2030 . The ascent of AI from experimental concepts to integral components of mainstream business operations is undeniable. The forecasted exponential growth in market size underscores the undeniable truth that AI technologies will continue to revolutionize industries, driving unparalleled advancements and setting the stage for a future defined by innovation and progress.

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India Artificial Intelligence IT June 2024 Vol.17, No. 67, Spring 2024

Divya Kumat


Divya Kumat, with over 25 years of diverse experience, has been serving as EVP-Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary at Datamatics since more than 19 years. Leading legal and secretarial initiatives for 30+ group companies worldwide, she has spearheaded key inorganic ventures like joint ventures and mergers. Recognized with numerous awards, she’s acclaimed for her expertise in policy formulation, IP wealth enhancement, and her contributions to legal discourse internationally. Holding dual Bachelor’s degrees and a Gold Medal in LLM, Divya is a fellow member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, an Associate Member of Chartered Secretaries - UK and a certified Corporate Governance Professional in India.

Puru Rohatgi


Puru Rohatgi, an MBA (Law) student at NMIMS (Mumbai), holds a B.B.A LL.B. (Hons.) from Christ University (Bengaluru, 2021). With his legal roles at Kristal.AI and Datamatics, alongside internships at companies such as Cashfree and Tata Motors, his focus lies in data privacy, technology, and securities laws. He had secured semi-finalist position in the 5th Manipal Ranka National Moot Court Competition and has also held leadership positions as President and Convener in student driven communities.

Datamatics Global Services Limited


Datamatics is a Digital Technologies, Operations, and Experiences company that enables hundreds of global enterprises to go Deep in Digital to enhance their productivity and customer experience to create a sustainable competitive advantage. With an AI-first approach, we are passionate about creating a future where intelligent systems transform industry norms, propelling enterprises to new heights of efficiency, agility, and customer satisfaction.

India Artificial Intelligence IT June 2024 Vol.17, No. 67, Spring 2024

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