IICJ Paper The Future is SaaS, The Future is in a Cloud Dan Rhodes, Senior International Counsel, Pitney Bowes, UK

Recently I attended an Intellect event where the guest speaker was Dr Steve Garnett, Chairman Europe, salesforce.com, where he spoke about cloud computing and how it is destined to destroy the traditional software industry. In this seminar he was drawing from his own experience of working for large software power houses and from his recent experience at salesforce.com. Interestingly enough he claimed that if any entrepreneurs were to approach a venture capitalist for investment in a software product that is not SaaS based, in all likelihood they would be rejected (he certainly would not invest in it) because it would be difficult to find an exit strategy for a non SaaS product. Whether SaaS will revolutionise the way we use software remains to be seen and only time will tell, but hopefully the information below will help you navigate the hype that currently surrounds SaaS.
Dan Rhodes
Dan Rhodes is a Solicitor with significant international experience in IP, IT and commercial law. At Pitney Bowes he routinely advises on matters such as licensing with emphasis on maximizing revenue for the business, which involves engagement with the sales force at an early stage of the sale cycle. Prior to joining Pitney Bowes he served as the Legal and Business Affairs Manager of Spark Networks Inc which runs some of the leading social networks in the world where he was responsible for all legal affairs as well as having principal administrative and strategic responsibility for its international offices. He received his LL.M (IP) from University College London and is the author of numerous articles that were published with leading publications.
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