IICJ Paper Construction Contracts form an Integral Part of the Economy and Development of the UAE Nehme Abi Saad, Legal Counsel, Saudi Oger, UAE

The United Arab Emirates, one of the GCC countries, has legislated the Arbitration laws under the UAE Civil Procedure Code (Federal Law No. 11 of 1992). However, it is still very controversial whether these regulations where codified in accordance in accordance with the international best practice. The United Arab Emirates is essentially a civil law jurisdiction heavily influenced by French, Egyptian and Islamic law. As the UAE has established itself as a regional hub for international business, arbitration is gradually becoming a popular method of dispute resolution. On the other hand, parties may commence Arbitration by petition to the UAE federal courts on the basis of mutual consent (a written arbitration agreement), independently (by nomination of arbitrators), or through a referral to an appointing authority without recourse to judicial proceedings. Enforcing arbitration judgments rendered in the UAE can be difficult as they require court certification, and judicial proceedings may continue for several years. Some companies are reportedly unwilling to resort to arbitration out of concern that it would affect their future business opportunities in the UAE.
Nehme Abi Saad
Nehme Abi Saad
Saudi Oger
Saudi Oger Limited began in January 1978 when it was incorporated under the rules and laws of Saudi Arabia. It started as a construction company based in Riyadh. Since its inception, Saudi Oger has become one of the leading Construction, Facilities Management Service Provider and Infrastructure Project Development companies in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region. In relatively short period of time Saudi Oger Ltd. has grown into a multi-company, multi-divisional organization with subsidiaries and affiliates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad. The Company employs many executives, professional managers and several thousands of high caliber skilled staffs whose disciplines cover and support every aspect of its business lines. Today Saudi Oger Limited line of business covers Construction, Facilities Management, Real Estate Development, Printing, Telecommunication, Utilities and IT services.
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