IICJ Paper Anti-Bribery & Corruption Rules and Legislation in Turkey Eda Ozogul, Legal Counsel, BP Petrolleri A.S, Turkey

Compliance and ethics has become a substantial topic in the corporate world. Anti-bribery and corruption is one of the fundamental factors of this theme. Global organizations under commitments of being compliant & ethical in line with universal law principles, should also comply with local legislations in the countries they operate. Consequently, global companies have the need to understand the legislation pertaining to anti-bribery, corruption and anti-money laundering regulations in local jurisdictions. This article will provide a general overview about where The Republic of Turkey stands in terms of international treaties and also anti-bribery and corruption regulations, especially in relation to the liabilities and responsibilities of the governmental officials.
Eda Ozogul
Eda Ozogul is the legal counsel of BP Petrolleri AS which is an affiliate of BP Plc, one of the world's largest oil companies. She has been counselling as generalist, providing legal support on Commercial law, Contracts law , Petroleum Market Law and corporate governance. She has extensive experience in Intellectual Property Law, Administrative Jurisdiction Procedure Law. She has MBA masters degree and has been a faculty in Yeditepe University Faculty of Law to lecture Anti-Bribery and Corruption Law.
BP Petrolleri A.S
BP Petrolleri AS is an affiliate of BP Plc which is one of the world's largest oil companies.
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