IICJ Paper Global Corporate Contumaciousness with Respect to Valuations - The Grey Area of Corporate Law Kishore Vaangal, PhD, Strategic Entrepreneur, Governance Professional and Ethicist, W S Atkins, India

Global corporate governance is primarily meant to be a system fostering methodological processes, systematic regulations and astute initiatives for the benefit of the international community of shareholders and stakeholders, and global corporate governance needs to be characterized by the zealous participation of activist shareholder and stakeholder groups. In the WTO era, it has to be implicitly recognized that there would be increased competition and law makers would have to realize that legislation would have to be in accordance with the WTO agreement read along with the traditional system of legal treaties negotiated by the states respectively. In effect, global corporate governance can be ascribed to mean the adoption of systematic-processes in entities and these processes are to be guided by the Board’s policy stipulations, financial-situation, rules, procedures and norms that regulate the processes for the welfare of the of global shareholder/ stakeholder, and presently, they differ vastly from country to country .
Kishore Vaangal, PhD
Kishore Vaangal, PhD
Dr. Kishore Vaangal is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, management evangelist and ethicist and has several advanced accreditations to his credit from some of the most prestigious global academic institutions. In addition, he is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Professional Accountants (Australia), the Chartered Management Institute (UK) and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors even whilst being a member of the European Corporate Governance Institute. His exposure as a strategic entrepreneur, business analyst and governance professional spans more than two decades and over the years he has also astutely advised entities globally in the areas of private equity funding, the dynamics of emerging markets and in evolving perspicacious methods of risk-management. The industry verticals that he specializes in are that of infrastructure, oil and gas, high-technology and investment banking. A recent publishing initiative in a highly complex area of corporate governance law titled “Effectuating Acquisition Initiatives” has received worldwide adulation and the work is considered to be a seminal piece of literature in so far as mergers and acquisitions in the global oil and gas industry is concerned. Dr. Vaangal is the President of Sumanas Commerce (Chennai, India), an entity dedicated to effectuating entrepreneurial ventures perspicaciously, even whilst, he is also the Chief Operating Officer of Transcendental Capital LLC ( Delaware, USA), an entity dedicated to eventuating on M & A deals, PE Funding and in providing for governance services at the global level. He truly believes in fostering inclusive growth, promoting compassionate capitalism, advancing pristine ecological causes/sustainable development, advocating human rights and in zealously crusading on CSR issues. He features prominently in Marquis Who’s Who of the World and can be contacted at: e.corporategovernance@gmail.com or a.global.thought.leader@gmail.com
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