Company Law

Andrew Thornton, Barrister, Erskine Chambers
Marie Daly, Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, Irish Business and Employers Confederation

This session will focus on two areas. First, an update on recent developments in company law, including the relaxation of the capital maintenance rules in the Companies Act 2006. Second, consideration of the Companies (Cross-Border) Merger Regulations 2007 and its increasing use by groups seeking to consolidate their group structures.

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UK Mergers & Acquisition General May 2013

Andrew Thornton


Andrew Thornton is a barrister practising in the field of company law. His particular specialism is in mergers and acquisitions and recent transactions in respect of which he has been involved include the takeover of the London Metal Exchange, the merger between Xstrata Plc and Glencore Plc and the reorganisation of the Honda Group.

Marie Daly


Marie Daly, Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs at the Irish Business and Employers Confederation – the main business representative organisation in Ireland. She is also a member of the Company Law Review Group and the High Level Group on Business Regulation. She is also a board member of IAASA (the Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority) and the Irish Pensions Board.

Erskine Chambers


Erskine Chambers is a leading Chambers specialising in company, corporate finance, insolvency law and commercial litigation. In each of these areas members of Chambers have been involved in many of the largest and most significant cases and deals of the year – both in the UK and in other jurisdictions. The set also has leading practices in accountancy law, financial services and regulatory work. As well as providing company law and insolvency advice and litigation services, the set works with leading UK and international investment banks and others (such as professional trustees) on substantial corporate finance transactions, including capital reorganisations, bond issues and other lending and swaps transactions.

UK Mergers & Acquisition General May 2013

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