IICJ Paper Pitfalls of Email Marketing John Lawless, Corporate Counsel, Omega World Travel, USA

This article touches on several subjects related to the use of commercial email in today's business environment. First, it addresses the current state of advertising and marketing via email. Second, it describes two aggressive and notorious self-described anti-spam litigants and how, hopefully, both have been eliminated from our court systems and as antagonists to responsible, law-abiding businesses. Finally, it offers suggestions, both practical and legal, on how legitimate email marketers can avoid liability and costly litigation. Everyone operating in today's business environment has some experience involving the receipt of commercial electronic mail. Email, in many cases, has replaced direct mail advertising as the preferred direct advertising tool for many companies. The two most often cited reasons are cost and the often stunning effectiveness of email marketing.
John Lawless
John Lawless has been with Omega as General Counsel for over seven years. Prior to that he was in private practice in Kansas dealing primarily with litigation. He is licensed in Kansas, Virginia and the District of Columbia.
Omega World Travel
Omega World Travel has been in business for over 35 years. Omega is a full service travel agency dealing mostly with U.S. government accounts and corporate accounts. Omega is the fourth largest Travel agency in the country with over $1 Billion in annual sales and offices throughout the U.S., Britain and Japan.
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