IICJ Paper Cartel Enforcement in Ireland since the Downturn Eoghan Ó hArgáin, Case Officer/Solicitor, Ireland's Competition Authority, Ireland

This article first explores some of the enhancements to the competition enforcement regime in Ireland and organisational changes to the Irish Competition Authority since 2010. It then addresses my personal experience as a solicitor who has recently joined the Cartels Division of the Competition Authority.
Eoghan Ó hArgáin
Eoghan Ó hArgáin is an Irish solicitor who has recently joined the Irish Competition Authority after spending several years practising competition law in two leading Dublin law firms. Eoghan is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (LLB) and Cornell Law School (LLM). Eoghan is also a qualified solicitor in England and Wales, and a New York Attorney at law.
Ireland's Competition Authority
The Competition Authority is an independent statutory body that enforces Irish and EU competition law. The Competition Authority works to make sure that competition works for the benefit of all consumers, including businesses, who buy products and services in Ireland. This benefits everyone; consumers, businesses and the economy as a whole. Competition helps to keep prices down, improves choice and quality, encourages innovation and supports economic growth. The Competition Authority's mission is to ensure that markets work well for Irish consumers, business and the economy. It does this by taking action against anti-competitive practices, such as price-fixing; blocking anti-competitive business mergers; and informing Government, public authorities, businesses and the wider public about competition issues.
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