Brazil: An Investment Destination?

Nicolas Vielliard, In-house Counsel, Bredero Shaw
Paul Wenting, Legal Manager, Applus RTD Group

Brazil has been a major investment destination for many foreign companies and private investors alike during recent years. This strong interest was due to a series of national and international factors that improved Brazil’s economic and social image abroad. The economic expansion began in 1994 when the “’Plano Real” came into force, tackling high inflation and stabilizing the exchange rate by pegging the Real (BRL) to the United States Dollar (USD). In 2001, Brazil was grouped with other fast developing economies to become the B in the BRIC acronym, which gave it the potential to be part of a powerful economic bloc. In 2002, left-wing president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula) was elected president. During his mandate he transformed social-economic politics, lifting millions of citizens out of poverty and consequently making Brazil one of the largest and fastest growing consumer markets in the world.

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Netherlands Business Consultant October 2014 Vol. 8, No. 29, Autumn 2014

Nicolas Vielliard


Nicolas Vielliard is In-house Counsel at Bredero Shaw, a multinational providing pipe coating solutions for the oil, gas and water industries.

Paul Wenting


Paul Wenting is Legal Manager at Applus RTD, a multinational providing non-destructive testing services to the oil & gas industry worldwide.

Applus RTD Group


Applus is a leading certification company with offices and group companies worldwide. The Applus RTD Group is a non-destructive testing specilaist acting in the oil & gas business. Please see for further details. Applus is owned by the Carl

Bredero Shaw


Bredero Shaw is part of ShawCor, a global energy services company specializing in products and services for the pipelines and petrochemical segments of the oil and gas industry.

Netherlands Business Consultant October 2014 Vol. 8, No. 29, Autumn 2014

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