IICJ Paper Trade Secret Mediation: A Mediator''s Perspective Erica Bristol, Intellectual Property Attorney, Mediator, EB Resolution Services, USA

Trade secret litigation often involves deep levels of distrust, heated emotional exchanges, suspicion and anger on the part of parties and counsel. One source of the problem lies at the heart of a trade secret misappropriation claim: the allegation that a ‘theft’ has occurred, and each party’s perception of the other party resulting from that allegation. The plaintiff alleges its property has been stolen by the defendant. If the plaintiff desires to avoid the time and expense of trial, the victim must now negotiate with the thief, adding insult to injury. The defendant, on the other hand, may express outrage at being accused of theft, and suspect the litigation is merely
Erica Bristol
Erica Bristol
Erica Bristol is an intellectual property attorney and mediator. She practiced as an in house lawyer for over 11 years and she has been a commercial mediator for over 8 years.
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