IICJ Paper Participation of Foreign Companies in Public Procurement Tenders in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Richard Bacek, General Counsel of Siemens Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia, Siemens, s.r.o., Czech Republic

Public procurement tenders represent for many companies an important source of business opportunities and their results represent significant portion on their revenues. Sectors like energy, healthcare, infrastructure construction are in CEE countries still heavily operated by state or state-owned companies which are subject to public procurement legislation. The public procurement process should be based on principles of transparency and non-discrimination as it is defined in the respective EU regulations. The manner how these principles are followed in practice of EU individual member states in case of participation of foreign entrepreneurs will be demonstrated in this article on examples from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Richard Bacek
Richard Bacek
Richard Bacek joined Siemens in 2009 as General Counsel for Siemens Czech Republic. Since 2015 he has performed also the role of General Counsel for Siemens Slovakia and since 2016 for Siemens Romania. Prior to 2009, Richard Bacek worked as attorney for i
Siemens, s.r.o.
Siemens is international industrial group active in industry automation, energy, mobility, building technologies, healthcare and other business. In many of these sectors Siemens participates in public procurement processes.
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