IICJ Paper The Principle of Segregation of Duties Applied to Corporate Law Felipe Kietzmann, Regional Compliance Officer, Latin America, Alcon Laboratories, Brazil

The Principle of Segregation of Duties was created by the Business area, more specifically in the Accounting and Internal Control field, and refers to the segregation of potentially conflicting duties, many often connected to monitoring activities. Accounting and conciliation are examples of duties usually segregated at companies, along with contracting and payment, as well as regulation (risk management) and monitoring (audit). In terms of Brazilian Corporate Law, mainly considering the Civil Code and the Corporation Law, there are no findings showing the Principle of Segregation of Duties has been unquestionably included therein. Notwithstanding the above, as shown next, the rationality of the Principle can be found in our main legislation and it is also related to the Corporate Law institutes and principles of Corporate Governance.
Felipe Kietzmann
Felipe Kietzmann is a Lawyer, specialized in Corporate Law and Compliance, MBA in Business Administration and Master’s degree in Business Law and Development. Currently he is Chair of the Compliance Committee of ABIMED - Brazil Association of Advanced Healthcare Products.
Alcon Laboratories
Alcon is a Novartis Company and the global leader in eyecare products, with presence in 75 Countries, products available in 180 markets and 25,000 associates.
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