IICJ Paper Navigating Intellectual Property in Mergers and Acquisitions Kelly Li, Deputy General Counsel, Waitex Group of Companies, USA

The purpose of this article is to arm in-house counsel with the tools, facts and case studies necessary to guide and assist business leaders, as both a legal and business advisor, in navigating intellectual property issues in mergers and acquisitions ('M&A') transactions. This article will discuss the importance of intellectual property in M&A transactions, delineate a roadmap for conducting intellectual property due diligence and finally provide strategic tips in order for in-house counsel to adequately navigate intellectual property issues in M&A transactions. First, an introduction of M&A and intellectual property basics will be outlined. Second, the alignment of intellectual property and M&A will be explored, emphasizing the importance of understanding both the business goals and intellectual property in M&A. Real world case studies will be drawn upon to highlight the critical nature of this alignment. Third, a roadmap to intellectual property due diligence will be discussed. Finally, strategic tips for in-house counsel to add value to and ensure success of the M&A transaction will be provided.
Kelly Li
Kelly Li
Kelly K. Li is Deputy General Counsel at Waitex Group of Companies, managing and coordinating legal work and legal teams (both in-house lawyers and outside legal counsel) in support of Waitex Group's various business divisions worldwide, and specializes i
Waitex Group of Companies
Waitex Group of Companies is an international conglomerate whose scope of business crosses several industry sectors. Waitex Group consists of Waitex Real Estate & Investment Group, Waitex Apparel Group and Waitex Global Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions.
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