IICJ Paper Patent Demand - A Simple Path to Patent Reform Timothy K. Wilson, Senior IP Counsel, SAS Institute Inc., USA

The patent system in the United States was intended to help promote the useful arts by providing inventors of new technologies the time-limited right to exclude others from the market in exchange for disclosure of their inventions. Thus, it was thought, inventors would be fairly compensated for their contributions, and society would benefit by the early disclosure of inventions thereby encouraging more rapid evolution of technology. Recently, however, dissatisfaction with the product of the modern patent system has led to calls for massive legislative patent reform, significant patent decisions by the United States Supreme Court and efforts for systemic reform proposed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson is Senior IP Counsel in the Legal Division at SAS Institute Inc., the world’s largest private software company, where he leads the patent practice. He also provides advice on all types of intellectual property law matters and competitive intelligence issues. Prior to joining SAS, Tim was an associate at Brown Raysman in New York, where he advised clients on all manner of licensing and outsourcing transactions. Tim began his legal career as a patent and intellectual property litigator with Jones Day in Cleveland. Tim received his JD from Syracuse University College of Law in 1992 and a BS from Pennsylvania State University in 1989. Tim is a member of the Editorial Board of Patent World.
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SAS Institute Inc., the world’s largest private software company
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