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A Comparative Survey of U.S. Data Protection Schemes for Safeguarding Essential Infrastructure Information
Tracy Penn, Legal Counsel, TransCanada, USA
Anna R. Kuperstein, Legal Counsel, TransCanada, USA
A Comparative Survey of U.S. Data Protection Schemes for safeguarding Essential Infrastructure Information
Tracy Penn, Legal Counsel, TransCanada, USA
Anna R. Kuperstein, Legal Counsel, TransCanada, USA
A Dawn of a New day in EU Data Protection
Gil Banyas, In-House Counsel, 365 Technologies Inc, UK
Big Data & Intellectual Propert: Strategic Alignment for Commercial Success
Karen Hallenstein, Supervising Counsel, Intellectual Property, Telstra Corporation Limited, Australia
Big Data & Intellectual Property: Strategic Alignment for Commercial Success
Jane Perrier, General Counsel for Intellectual Property, Telstra Corporation Limited, Australia
Brazilian Data Protection Law and its first Impacts
Mariana Silveira Bueno, Legal Manager & DPO, Mindray do Brasil, Brazil
Can I Destroy This? Managing Corporate Records in an Ever Expanding Recorded World
Daniel Flynn, Corporate Legal Counsel, Heartland Financial USA, Inc., USA
Canadian Privacy Law: The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
Dominic Jaar, Legal Counsel, Ledjit Consulting, Inc., Canada
Patrick Zeller, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Guidance Software, Inc., USA
Company Data Protection - Friend or Foe?
Anna Wennakoski, , LL.M. Scholar, Finland
Consumer Privacy and Transparency in the Digital Age: An argument for the continuation of Self-Regulation by the U.S. Marketing Industry
Nicole Tachibana, Privacy Manager, Epsilon Data Management, USA
Jeanette Fitzgerald, Senior Vice President & General Counsel, Epsilon Data Management, USA
Crossing National Boundaries to Access Electronic Data: New Technology, Old Laws
Sanjay Agrawal, Senior Counsel, Elekta AB, USA
Data Breach: What YOU can do about it?
Marcelo Souccar, CEO Juritis USA and General Counsel Juritis Group, Juritis USA LLC TOTVS Official Partner, USA
Data Protection in the EU: Time for a New Direction?
Ian McDougall, Legal Director - ECLA, Lexis Nexis Group, UK
Data Protection in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Concerns and Considerations
Leslie Restaino, General Counsel, Validus Pharmaceuticals, USA
Data Protection Issues on Global Loan Portfolio Sales
Sancho Guibert, Senior Legal Counsel and Senior Vice President, Citibank España, S.A., Spain
Data Protection Regulation in the Republic of Kosovo and Compliance by the Companies: A proposed Model for Kosovo
Merita Kostanica, Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, IPKO Telecommunications, Kosovo
Data Transfer from the European Economic Area to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations; Strategic Considerations for In-house Counsel
Noris Ismail, Co-Founder & Managing Consultant, Quotient Consulting, UK
Digitalisation & Data Protection – Changing Landscape of Indian Telecom Sector
Saswata Dhar, Executive Vice President Legal & Country Counsel, Vodafone India Ltd, India
Employees’ Data Protection in the Workplace and its Legal Implications A Comparative Overview of EU’s Legal Framework.
Enik Pogace, Head of Division, Bank of Albania, Albania
EU Data Protection Directive: A Thorn in the Side of the US Domestic Online Retailer
Nadja van der Veer, Deputy General Counsel Global Collect Services B.V., Global Collect Services BV, Netherlands
EU Data Protection Regulation: A Concise Primer for In-House Counsels on Key Changes in the Regulatory Regime
Shahab Ahmed, Managing Counsel, Lead Privacy Counsel, Etihad Airways and Etihad Aviation Group, UAE
European Data Protection: A Review of the New Regulatory Framework
Liam Russell, General Counsel, Chartered Insurance Institute, UK
GDPR and Blockchain: What does this Mean for In-house Counsel?
Natalia D'Agostini, Paralegal, Insurance & Care NSW, Australia
GDPR Regulatory Compliance and the Role of Internal Audit: Theoretical & Practical Approach
Nikolaos Dounis, Cluster Internal Control & Compliance Manager, Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, Greece
GDPR: New Challenges for Corporations
Richard Bacek, General Counsel of Siemens Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia, Siemens, s.r.o., Czech Republic
Harmonisation for Consumer Finance Organisations in the Context of the Data Protection and Passporting Directives - A Critical Review
Thomas Allen, Contracts Manager, TSYS International, UK
Solomon Osagie, Chief Legal Counsel, TSYS International, UK
How an Internet Portal Company Complies with the new 'Personal Data Protection Act' in Taiwan
Jessica Pong, Legal Manager, Yamedia, Taiwan
How to Obtain a GDPR-Compliant Consent?
Silvia Gorlani, Data Protection Officer, Mediamarket SpA (Mediaworld), Italy
Agnès Terreau, Data Protection Officer ManpowerGroup Switzerland, ManpowerGroup, Germany
Identifying Controllers and Processors in a Blockchain Environment in the Light of GDPR
Matthias Artzt, Senior Legal Counsel, Deutsche Bank AG, Germany
In a Technological World, What does it Take to be Forgotten?
Linda Sharp, Associate General Counsel, ZL Technologies Inc, USA
In the Era of COVID-19 and Data Protection, the Unavoidable Need for BYOD Policy
Francis Aloh, Specialist, Legal Services, 9mobile, Nigeria
In the Era of COVID-19 and Data Protection, the Unavoidable Need for BYOD Policy Testing
Admin Param, IT Manager , Param, India
India’s Personal Data Protection Bill (“PDP Bill”), 2018: Brief Introduction, Key Provisions and Comparison with GDPR
Harish Suryavanshi, Senior Corporate Counsel , Tech Mahindra Limited, India
India's New Regime of Personal Data Protection - Comprehensive yet Comprehensible…
Dev Bajpai, Wholetime Director & Chief Legal Officer, Hindustan Unilever Limited, India
Information Privacy and Data Protection in the Insurance Sector
Mauricio Carmona, Advogado Lawyer, American International Group, Inc., Brazil
Intelligent Combination of Contract, Policy and Technology as the Answer to Impending Heightened European Union Data Protection Regulations
David Kemp, Executive Director of Legal Policy, Autonomy Corporation plc, UK
Intermediary Dilemma
Nitin Bhati, Executive Director - Legal, Rackbank Datacenters Pvt. Ltd, India
International Corporate Codes of Conduct: U.S. Whistleblowing and E.U. Data Privacy Laws
Tanya Axenson, In-house Counsel, Constellation Energy Group, USA
International Personal Data Transfers after Schrems II
Leszek Sytniewski, In-house Legal Counsel, Objectivity Ltd., Poland
Is Your Data Protected? A Look at Cybersecurity Regulations in the US and EU
Stephen Shine, Chief Regulatory Counsel, Prudential Financial, USA
Renee Wilson, Paralegal, Prudential Financial, USA
Issues Deriving from Limitation of Liability Clauses From a Data Protection Perspective and Possible Remedies:
Simona Di Girolamo, Privacy Officer, Mediamarket SpA (Mediaworld), Italy
Silvia Gorlani, Data Protection Officer, Mediamarket SpA (Mediaworld), Italy
Legal Issues Raised by the Collection of Electronically Stored Information in Russia and China
Patrick Burke, Senior Director and Assistant General Counsel, Guidance Software, Inc., USA
Patrick Zeller, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Guidance Software, Inc., USA
Lifting the Lid on Serious Data Breaches
Alida Vandewiele, Legal Counsel, Neustar, Australia
Metaverse and Privacy
Gary Weingarden, Counsel, Data Protection Officer, Notarize, Inc., USA
Matthias Artzt, Senior Legal Counsel, Deutsche Bank AG, Germany
My Privacy is Better Than Yours: US and European Perspectives on Privacy
Lisa Glover-Gardin, Senior Consulting Counsel, Quantum Corp, USA
Navigating the Social Media Highway
Linda Kleinman, Deputy General Counsel, Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC, USA
New Data Protection Bill in India
Kiran Chitale, B.Com, LL.B., FCS, Pune, India, India
Personal Data Legislation in Russia
Tatiana Egorova, Unit Head of Legal support of loan transactions, CB "Garanti Bank-Moscow" (ZAO), Russia
Prevent Me if You Can
Mike Fahey, General Counsel/Company Secretary, Affinion International Limited, UK
Protection of Confidential Information and The Competition Authorities – A South African Perspective
Nordely Wright , Product Developer- Plant and Soil Health, Oro Agri SA (Pty) Ltd., South Africa
Rough Seas Ahead or Smooth Sailing? Tips and Tricks for In-house Telco Lawyers and Privacy Specialists Navigating Privacy Compliance
Sarah Stone, Corporate Counsel, Optus, Australia
Alison Cook, Associate Director, Privacy, Optus, Australia
Schrems II Judgment on Cross Border Personal Data Flows Under EU-US Privacy Shield Mechanism: Good Diagnosis, Vague Prescription
Subhrarag Mukherjee, Senior Legal Counsel – Strategic Alliances (North America & Worldwide), Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India
Selected Consumer Data Privacy Issues in the Drafting and Negotiating of Digital Advertising Contracts
Michael Geroe, SVP, General Counsel & Assistant Secretary, Adknowledge, Inc., USA
Shhh - the Internet is listening: Has technology eroded Attorney-Client Privilege and what can You do about it?
Karine Tatoyan, , E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, USA
Vince Catanzaro, Senior Counsel, Global Discovery Manager, E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, USA
Stuck in the Middle with You: When U.S. Discovery Orders Hit the GDPR
Gary Weingarden, Counsel, Data Protection Officer, Notarize, Inc., USA
Matthias Artzt, Senior Legal Counsel, Deutsche Bank AG, Germany
The Case under the GDPR for Video and Audio Recording in Commercial Spaces and Interactions: An Example of Fitting Legacy Systems and Practices into a Forward-Looking Compliance Regime
Daniel Corcoran, SVP, International General Counsel, Marchex, USA
The General Data Protection Regulation in the Spanish System: The Data Protection Officer
Robert Rubió, Head of Legal, Union for the Mediterranean, Spain
The Legal Implications of Data Governance in the Financial Services Sector in the UK
Julie Varcoe-Cocks, Lawyer, , UK
The New Age in Telecom and IT: A Privacy and Data Protection Perspective
Anca Plovie, Senior Corporate Counsel, Alcatel-Lucent Bell NV, Belgium
Understanding International Background Checks in the Age of Privacy and Data Security Concerns
Alex Erlam, General Counsel, Vertical Screen Inc, USA
US - EU Safe Harbor Framework: The Changing Landscape of Cross-Border Transfers of Personal Data
Nicole Tachibana, Privacy Manager, Epsilon, USA
Jeanette Fitzgerald, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer, Epsilon, USA
What is Metadata?
Alida Vandewiele, Legal Counsel, Bombora Technologies, Australia
David Carrington, General Counsel, Bombora Technologies, Australia
Who Owns the Data on Your Airline Ticket?
Eric Schlam, Director, Law Department, Assistant General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Airlines Reporting Corporation, USA
Will the U.S. Ever be Adequate? A Review of EU and U.S. Data Protection Regimes
Jessica Medvec, Corporate Counsel, Hyster-Yale Group, Inc., USA