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About 'changed circumstances', 'imprévision' and 'commercial impractibility' in the light of the new art. 1195 of the French civil code
Seghedi Camelia , In-house Counsel International Contracts and Public Tenders , JCDecaux , France
Are Career Plaintiffs Crippling Golf's Growth?
Raquel Hoover, Intern, Golf Channel, USA
Andrew Fleming, Vice President Business Development and Senior Counsel, Golf Channel, USA
Copyright: Did Gowers get it wrong?
Adam Sutcliffe, Solicitor, Legal & Business Affairs, Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd, UK
Data Protection in the EU: Time for a New Direction?
Ian McDougall, Legal Director - ECLA, Lexis Nexis Group, UK
Dealing with Collection Societies
Johannes Ulbricht, In-house Legal Counsel, Exit Games GmbH, Germany
Digital Content Consumption at the Time of Web 2.0.
Christine Maury-Panis, EVP, General Counsel and Public Affairs, Viaccess S.A, France
Economics of Streaming & the Rise of the Music Artists’ Rights and Compensation
Jansher Verscht, Economics Student, University of Loughborough, UK
Afzana Anwer, Head of IP, Altilium Clean Technology, UK
Formulating an IP Strategy
Nicola Proudlock, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Snell & Wilcox Group, USA
Frame-work of Copyright Law in India - Proposed Changes in the Copyright (Amendment) Bill, 2010 and Impact on the Media & Entertainment Industry
Ghanashyam Hegde, Vice President - Legal, Times Innovative Media Limited (Times Group), India
Going off Grid: A New Idea for Systemizing Intellectual Property Enforcement from TED Conferences
Hunter Vanaria, Associate Counsel, TED Conferences, USA
QR Codes: Legal Risks & Mitigation in Marketing Motion Pictures
Kisha Lyons, Attorney, Legal Affairs, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, USA
Rey Rodriguez, Assistant General Counsel, The Walt Disney Company, USA
The Case under the GDPR for Video and Audio Recording in Commercial Spaces and Interactions: An Example of Fitting Legacy Systems and Practices into a Forward-Looking Compliance Regime
Daniel Corcoran, SVP, International General Counsel, Marchex, USA
The Future is Cordless: How the Cordless Future will Impact Traditional Television
Sabrina Lewis, Director of Business Affairs, Paramount Television, USA
The future of the legal advisor - impact of technology
Ian McDougall, Legal Director - ECLA, Lexis Nexis Group, UK
The Rise of Generative AI: Benefits and Dangers for Professionals
Ian McDougall, EVP & General Counsel, LexisNexis, USA