2020s Strategic Patent Portfolio Management - Challenges and Opportunities of a new Decade in a Traditional Product Producing Company
Christian A. Mohr, Head of Group Patents - Germany, Electrolux AB, Germany
Hanns Hallesius, Former Head of IP Electrolux and Senior Advisor Strategic IP Management, Hallesius Consulting, Sweden
A 'Brand' New Leap! - The Malaysian Experience
Sheila Jeya Balan, In-house Counsel, MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
A Patent Sea Change: The First Serving of Major Global Patent Law Changes Begins
Jason Garbell, Senior Patent Counsel, Novozymes AS, Denmark
A Personal Journey - Life After In-House
Kathryn Belleau, Consultant, KGB CONSULTING, LLC, USA
A Review of the Law Relating to the Protection of Copyright and Trade Secrets in Jamaica
Tara Carnegie, Legal officer, Lascelles deMercado & Co. Limited, Jamaica
A Short Note on Patent Cancellation: The Case of Thailand
Isariya Aksaravut, In-House Counsel, True Corporation Public Company Limited, Thailand
A Test for the 'test' of Distinctiveness - The Saga Continues...
Sarah Hinchliffe, Harvard Law School (Visiting Scholar); Boston University (School of Law); University of Melbourne (Department of Accounting,; Barrister and Solicitor (HCA, Vic), Australia & USA
Asian Corporate IP Strategies and Management in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities for the Chief Legal Officer
Dr. Richard L. Thurston, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd., Taiwan
Assessing Commercial Success at the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board
Robert L. Vigil, Principal, Analysis Group, Inc., USA
John Jarosz, Managing Principal, Analysis Group, Inc., USA
Attorney-Client Privilege: Application of the Community of Interest Doctrine Exception to Third Party Communications for Licensor-Licensee and Similar Relationships
Daniel T. Sharpe, III, University of Virginia Patent Foundation, USA
Rodney Sparks, Senior Biotechnology Patent Counsel, University of Virginia Patent Foundation, USA
Basic Patent Law in Brazil, and Recent Developments
Russell Boltwood, Vice President, Licensing and Intellectual Property, UTStarcom, USA
Being a Luxury In-House GC in the Era of Disruption
Ghada Qaisi Audi, General Counsel, Seddiqi Holding , UAE
Benefits of a Global Mindset to the Administrative Backbone of an Intellectual Property Department
Maja Schmitt, Head of Global Administration, DSM , Netherlands
Brand Clearance from an In-house Perspective
Kathy Belleau, Assistant General Counsel - Intellectual Property and Procurement Legal, Pitney Bowes Inc., USA
Brand Protection; Considerations of a UK SME With Global Ambitions
Stephanie Hanson, Senior Legal Counsel, The Carbon Trust, UK
Building a Global Brand Protection Program from Inside a Small Company
William Mansfield, Director of Intellectual Property, ABRO Industries Inc, USA
Canadian Risky Business: Why Fair and Predictable Patentable Utility is Critical to Investments and Innovation
Arvie Anderson, Assistant General Patent Counsel, Eli Lilly and Company, USA
Case Study - Raising New Capital Through Patents
Anders Arvidsson, Director Value Extraction Services, Zacco Denmark A/S, Denmark
Clarity in U.S. Patent Law: How Far Will the Pendulum Swing?
Shane Sondreal, Attorney at Law, Crawford Maunu PLLC, USA
Robert Pechman, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, Seagate Technology LLC, USA
Eric Curtin, Attorney at Law, Crawford Maunu PLLC, USA
Copyright: Did Gowers get it wrong?
Adam Sutcliffe, Solicitor, Legal & Business Affairs, Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd, UK
Dealing with Collection Societies
Johannes Ulbricht, In-house Legal Counsel, Exit Games GmbH, Germany
Experience: A Patent Infringement Litigation in China
Jeffrey Thurnau, Assistant General Counsel for IP, Gates Corporation, USA
Footnote 61: Abrogating MyMail, Misjoinder in Patent Cases Revived
Tim Wilson, Senior IP Counsel, SAS Institute Inc, USA
Formulating an IP Strategy
Nicola Proudlock, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Snell & Wilcox Group, USA
Frame-work of Copyright Law in India - Proposed Changes in the Copyright (Amendment) Bill, 2010 and Impact on the Media & Entertainment Industry
Ghanashyam Hegde, Vice President - Legal, Times Innovative Media Limited (Times Group), India
Freedom to Operate Conundrum
Madelein Kleyn, CEO Mad K IP Consulting, Mad K IP Consulting (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
Functional Claiming Under U.S. Patent Law
Shane Sondreal, Attorney at Law, Crawford Maunu PLLC, USA
Braden Katterheinrich, Senior Patent Attorney, Seagate Technology, USA
Eric Curtin, Attorney at Law, Crawford Maunu PLLC, USA
Functions of a Trademark- a way of seeing life?
Nina Barzey, IP lawyer, Sandvik Intellectual Property AB, Sweden
German Patent Reform Targets “Automatic” Injunctions in Patent Litigation
Dr. Stephanie Bucher, Director & Corporate Legal Counsel, Infineon Technologies AG, Germany
Getting Your Staff to Use Trademarks Properly and Effectively
Gabrielle Holley Esq., Shareholder, Holley and Menker, USA
April Wurster Esq., Patent Attorney, ViaCyte
Liz Bui PhD, Esq., Vice President and Intellectual Property Counsel, ViaCyte
Going off Grid: A New Idea for Systemizing Intellectual Property Enforcement from TED Conferences
Hunter Vanaria, Associate Counsel, TED Conferences, USA
Here We Go Again: Has the European Court of Justice revived the cross-border patent injunction?
Paul Coletti, Associate Patent Counsel, Johnson & Johnson Company, USA
How Much Value is Your Company Losing? Implementing Effective Intellectual Property Management
Gunnar Wieboldt, Senior Corporate Counsel, Talecris Biotherapeutics, USA
I Can Name that Brand in Three Notes: Non-Traditional Trademarks for Traditional Goods
Kathy Belleau, Assistant General Counsel - Intellectual Property and Procurement Legal, Pitney Bowes Inc., USA
India’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Regime & Global Economic Influence
Harish Suryavanshi, Senior Corporate Counsel, Tech Mahindra Limited, India
Innovative Programs in Technology Transfer: An Overview of Cedars-Sinai’s Technology Transfer International Program and Its Complementary Diagnostic Development Unit, 3rd Street Diagnostics
James D. Lau, Vice President for Legal & Technology Affairs, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA
Nirdesh K. Gupta, Ph.D., Director – IP Portfolio Management & Licensing, Technology Transfer, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA
Kristin A. Martinez, BA, CCRP, Manager, International Relations, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA
Alexander Chai, Assistant Legal Counsel, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA
Intellectual Property Audit for Information Technology Service Companies
Pinaki Ghosh, Head - IP Cell, Infosys Technologies Limited, India
Intellectual Property Challenges in the Food & Beverage Sector
Dr Afzana Anwer, Group IP Lawyer, Intellectual Property, UK
Intellectual Property Issues in Mergers and Acquisitions
Camelia Gardot, Senior Legal Counsel, Airbus, France
Intellectual Property Rights: New Approach Supporting Farmers’ Rights
Juanita Chaves Posada, Farmers' Rights Capacity Development Manager, Global Forum on Agricultural Research- GFAR, Italy
Intellectual Property Work in Key Figures
Andreas Bong, Managing Partner, Otto Henning, Germany
Maik Ebersoll, Head of Legal Operations, Linde AG, Germany
Intellectual Property: Getting the Best out of External IP Counsel
Sophie Braithwaite, In-house legal counsel, Airwave Solutions Limited ("Airwave")
Dr Julian Potter, Partner, WP Thompson, UK
Gill Smaggasgale, Partner, WP Thompson, UK
Intellectual Public Property - Keeping the Fences Up at a Major Event
Lucas Roberston, General Counsel, Victoria Racing Cub Limited, Australia
IP Strategy in the Age of Big Data
Joren De Wachter, IP Strategist, Integrating Technology, IP & business models, Belgium
Is There Bite in the Amended Malaysian Housing Development Laws?
Angeline Yee Yi Wei, Vice President, Maybank, Malaysia
Land Use Rights in China: An Illustration with Mining Activities
Lu Hong, Senior Legal Counsel, Lafarge, China
Benjamin Dornic, General Counsel, Lafarge, China
Licencing of Patent Applications - Pre-Grant Royalty Earning
Madelein Kleyn, General Manager, Legal and Intellectual Property, Oro Agri International Ltd, South Africa
Management and Risk Control Framework for Securing Intellectual Assets Transactions.
Prakash Deb Roy, Senior Associate – Legal , Cognizant Technology Solutions, India
Utsab Banerjee, Manager Legal, Cognizant Technology Solutions, India
Managing Copyright in the Digital Age of Publishing and Advertising
Fernanda Rocha, Digital Rights Manager, Latin America, Y&R, USA
Managing Intellectual Property in the Digital Age
Ian Johnson, Head of IP Legal, CPA Global Limited, UK
Maturity Model for Intellectual Property Service Delivery in the Software Industry
Subhadip Sarkar, Assistant Vice President – Intellectual Property , Cognizant Technology Solutions, India
Prakash Deb Roy, Senior Associate – Legal , Cognizant Technology Solutions, India
Utsab Banerjee, Manager Legal, Cognizant Technology Solutions, India
Misunderstanding of Confucianism as an Obstacle to Copyright Enforcement in China
Xiaolu (Lulu) Choi, Assistant Corporate Counsel, Expeditors International of Washington, Inc., USA
Moral Rights: To Waive or not to Waive The Right of an Employer
Madelein Kleyn, Group Manager, Legal and Intellectual Property, Oro Agri International Ltd, USA
Navigating Intellectual Property in Mergers and Acquisitions
Kelly Li, Deputy General Counsel, Waitex Group of Companies, USA
Navigating the Headwaters of Intellectual Property Risk in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Simon Jenner, Chief Legal Officer, Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC, USA
Navigating Through the IP Landscape Within US Intercollegiate Athletics
Jay Rossello, Director of Legal Affairs, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), USA
Open Innovation Challenges in the Automotive Industry - Notes on Opportunities and Possible Legal Solutions
Thomás Prete, Legal Counsel, FPT Powertrain, Brazil
Open Innovation Collaborations: Practical Guidance for In-House Patent Attorneys
Rimma Mitelman, Head of Patents U.S., Associate General Counsel, Unilever, USA
Matthew Goodwin, Vice President, Global Head of Patents and Chief Patent Counsel, Unilever, UK
Open Telecom Standardization - How to work with patents - From patent prosecutors to intellectual asset strategists
Christian Arkelius, In-house European Patent Attorney, Ericsson, Sweden
Patent Demand - A Simple Path to Patent Reform
Timothy K. Wilson, Senior IP Counsel, SAS Institute Inc., USA
Patent Protection of Plants in AATF Biotechnology Project Countries
Howard Okiror , , African Agricultural Technology Foundation, Cameroon
Aprinah Magarinah Shikoli, , African Agricultural Technology Foundation, Cameroon
Marcelin Tonye Mahop, IP Rights Consultant, African Agricultural Technology Foundation, Cameroon
Alhaji Tejan-Cole, Legal Counsel, African Agricultural Technology Foundation, Kenya
Patent Reform: How do we cross the finish line?
Matthew Fawcett, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary, NetApp, USA
Jeremiah Chan, Senior Intellectual Property Counsel, JDS Uniphase Corporation, USA
Pay-TV Piracy in Europe and Why Media Piracy is Still a Serious Problem, Growing Throughout the World
Christine Maury-Panis,Vice President of the European Anti-Piracy Association AEPOC and Executive VP, General Counsel, Digital Pay-TV technology provider Viaccess - France Telecom, France
Pharmaceutical Patent Protection in Turkey
Gaye Ramazanoglu, Intellectual Property Specialist, Sanovel, Turkey
Pitfalls and the Opportunities of Commercialising and Managing Co-Created Intellectual Property
Madelein Kleyn, Group Manager, Legal and Intellectual Property, Oro Agri International Ltd, USA
Plant Variety Protection
Karim El Helaly, In-House Counsel, PWC, Egypt
Practical Advice for Managing Patent: Litigation for the Small Legal Department Practitioner
Daniel Anixt, Senior in-house counsel, USA
Preserving Patent Rights to Company Technology
Brian Fitzpatrick, Associate, Koppel, Patrick, Heybl & Philpott, USA
Michael Ram, Senior Counsel, Koppel, Patrick, Heybl & Philpott, USA
Privilege in the International Corporate Context
Sriranga Veeraraghavan, VP, Legal, Tessera Intellectual Property Corp., USA
Protecting and Enhancing Shareholder Value through Strategic Management of Intellectual Property
Andrew Watson, Head of Legal, ipVa, UK
Protecting Your Assets: L'oreal v. Bellure
Evie Kyriakides, Senior Marketing Property Manager and Regional Trademark Counsel, Mars, Incorporated, UK
Protecting your business from 'naughty' brand infringers in this decade of the 'noughties'
Jeremy Szwider, Head of IP, Carphone Warehouse, UK
Protection of Trade Marks in Jamaica
Tara Carnegie, Legal Officer, Lascelles deMercado & Co. Limited, Jamaica
R&D Based Pharmaceutical Companies Vs. Generic Companies: A False Dichotomy?
Sharon Reiche, Corporate Counsel, Intellectual Property Policy, Pfizer Inc, USA
Sharon Reiche, Corporate Counsel, Intellectual Property Policy, Pfizer Inc, USA
Recent Patent Legislation and Court Decisions in the United States: Impact on Validity of Patents and on Obtaining, Licensing, and Enforcing Patents
Chris Paschall, Licensing Manager, University of Virginia Licensing & Ventures Group, USA
Rodney Sparks, Senior Biotechnology Patent Counsel, University of Virginia Licensing & Ventures Group, USA
'Re-Launch' of International Fashion Brands in India: Some Legal Issues
Shefali Shyam, General Counsel, Arvind Group, India
Suneeth Katarki, Partner, IndusLaw, India
Small-scale Farmers and the Impact of Intellectual Property Rights Protection in Industrial Agriculture
Michael Lanser, Senior Legal Counsel, Skandia Mutual Life Insurance Company, Sweden
Standards & Patents: The Increased Interplay Between the Two
Hope Shimabuku, Legal Counsel, Research In Motion (RIM), USA
Jim Harlan, Senior Attorney, Research In Motion Ltd, USA
The aftermath of the Apple vs. Samsung battle
Loreto Reguera, Senior Legal Counsel EMEA, Intel Offices - Germany (Intel Brohl Koln), Germany
The Battle for the Buy Button: Brand Owners' Curtain Call Against Online IP Infringement
Sarah Bazaraa, Solicitor, Pannone Corporate LLP, UK
Aidan Parsons, Legal Counsel, Bonnington Plastics Limited, UK
The Case for an EU-wide Copyright
Carolyn Jameson, General Counsel, Skyscanner Ltd, UK
The differences in the Intellectual Property needs of Companies Highlighted
David Broodryk, Manager: Intellectual Properties Services, M&I Group Limited, South Africa
The Prairie is Phenomenal'- The Impact of Canadian Natural Heritage Designations on Land Values and Urban Sprawl: Windsor v Paciorka Leaseholds
Patrick Brode, Senior Legal Counsel, City Solicitor Office, Canada
The recent proposals for a reform of the German patent act: A true ‘modernisation’ of the patent system?
Spyros Makris, IPR Policy Manager, Ericsson GmbH, Germany
Trade Secret Mediation: A Mediator's Perspective
Erica Bristol, Intellectual Property Attorney, Mediator, EB Resolution Services, USA
Trademarks in Mergers and Acquisitions
Su-Lin Ang, Head of Legal, Intellectual Property, Group Legal Department, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore
Unconventional Trademarks - Trademarking The Taj!
Rajendra Misra, Senior Vice President - General Counsel, Taj Hotels Palaces Resorts Safaris, India
Unintended Negative Consequences of Joint Ownership of a Patent
Rodney L. Sparks, J.D., Ph.D., Senior Biotechnology Patent Counsel, University of Virginia Patent Foundation, USA
'Virtual Infringement' - Is it real? How to deal with IP infringement in Virtual Worlds
Jane Perrier, General Counsel for Intellectual Property, Telstra Corporation, Australia
Karen Hallenstein, Supervising Counsel for Intellectual Property, Telstra Corporation, Australia
What You Need to Know about the United States International Trade Commission, Unfair Competition, and Protection of Intellectual Property
Rodney Sparks, Senior Biotechnology Patent Counsel, University of Virginia Patent Foundation, USA
Why the 2011 America Invents Act is Bad for Entrepreneurs, Bad for Startups, and Bad for America-and How to Fix It
David Boundy, Vice President for Intellectual Property and Assistant General Counsel, Cantor Fitzgerald LP, Canada