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The International In-house Counsel Journal is concerned with the exchange of ideas of In-house Counsel representing commercial organisations from all sectors and jurisdictions around the world. Each quarterly issue contains papers based on case study experience of In-house Counsel in the main disciplines of commercial law from different jurisdictions.

Content is overseen by the IICJ Editorial Board that meets 4 times a year to discuss content and determine which papers are accepted for publication. The board is drawn from a range of industry sectors and jurisdiction with considerable international knowledge.

A peer reviewed journal published electronically 12 times a year and in print form 4 times a year, delivering papers written by In-house Counsel covering the major areas of law:

Antitrust/Competition Commercial Litigation Contracts Corporate Governance Data Protection Employment Health and Safety Intellectual Property Management Taxation

From the following key business sectors:

Banking and Finance Energy Healthcare IT Industry Insurance Pharmaceutical Telecommunications

Please visit the IICJ Library to see all the published papers, which includes more business sectors and areas of law

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  • Receiving a print copy of the International In-house Counsel Journal quarterly.
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  • Writing articles.
  • Learning from in-house counsel how they are working with new and current legislation.
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  • Discovering the latest methods of successfully managing the in-house counsel function.
  • Finding out how in-house counsel develop and expand their practices locally and abroad.
  • Attending conferences at discounted rates.
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A right to copy, right?

Madelein Kleyn, CEO Mad K IP Consulting, Mad K IP Consulting (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
Antitrust Enforcement of No Poach/Wage Fixing Agreements Has Accelerated: Managers and Human Resource Professionals Should be Aware of The Enhanced Criminal Penalties for These Types of Agreements

R. Mark McCareins, General Counsel, Metals Service Center Institute, USA
Best Practices in Managing an In-House Legal Department

Nicolas Vielliard, Senior Counsel , Shawcor , Netherlands
Conflict of Laws and Compliance

Haitao Zhang, Director, Legal, CNPC America Ltd, Canada
Diversified False Statements Dispute Resolution Under Chinese Securities Law

Guangdong Cheng, General Counsel, Nanshan Group, China
How to Obtain a GDPR-Compliant Consent?

Agnès Terreau, Data Protection Officer ManpowerGroup Switzerland, ManpowerGroup, Germany
Silvia Gorlani, Data Protection Officer, Mediamarket SpA (Mediaworld), Italy
Is a Single Bank Supervisor Inevitable throughout the European Union?

Duncan Alford, Associate Dean and Professor, University of South Carolina, USA
Optional Arbitration Appeals: Principles and Practice

Joseph Aronds, Vice President and Chief Litigation and Trial Counsel, Hartz Mountain Industries, Inc., USA
Service Descriptions and Service Levels in the Digital World

Clive Davies, Senior Counsel and Professional Development Manager Legal & Commercial, UK&I, Fujitsu Services Limited, UK
The Future of Remote Working – Does it have one?

Jeffery Tan, Group General Counsel, Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited, Singapore
Will New York’s Indexed Payments for Tier 1 Renewable Energy Credits (“IRECs”) Hurt It’s Voluntary Corporate and Industrial (“C&I”) Renewable Energy Market?

Kingsley Osei, Lead Project Counsel, State University of New York, USA
Written Description Requirement of Patentability

Anagha Tendulkar, Patent In-house counsel, Cipla, India

Readers' Opinion

The IICJ is one of the most current and comprehensive journals I haver ever read, as it is not limited to pure theoretical papers written by academics. Practitioners can benefit a lot by reading interesting practical papers.
Andreas Koutoupis
Director, Head of Governance, Risk & Internal Audit Services
Mazars Certified Auditors, Athens-Greece, Greece
Through this subscription, I could keep abreast with the progress and development of other regional laws. The IICJ is excellent resource for the in-house practitioner.
Laura Rudnyanszky
Teleperformance Romania, Romania
I rely on the IICJ as a global resource of current in-house legal issues and topics, providing practical approaches and issue resolution.
Nicole Linda Kelsey
General Counsel & Secretary
Amyris, Inc., USA
Insightful and topical knowledge on diverse specializations within the ever-evolving in-house role. Great networking through thought leadership.
Ghada Qaisi Audi
General Counsel
Seddiqi Holding , UAE
The IICJ is a great journal not only for academics but for professional and day to day practitioners.
Nikolaos Dounis
Cluster Internal Control & Compliance Manager
Imperial Tobacco Group Plc, Greece
The IICJ is a great way to keep up to date with topics that are relevant to my own work. The papers often give new ideas and give a fresh perspective.
Michael Ristaniemi
Legal Counsel
Metsäliitto Cooperative, Finland
IICJ is a great journal for sharing views on the practice, law, and regulations impacting digital payments risks and the role of In-house counsel in managing them.
Lara Oyesanya
General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer
Contis , UK
I wrote the article for the IICJ in preparation for a presentation at the anniversary of the CISG. It was a great preparation for this event.
Cathy Lynn Danzer
Compliance Counsel
Danzer Holding AG, Austria
The International In-House Counsel Journal provides an excellent forum for examining many of the critical IP issues that face global businesses today.
David Koris
General Counsel/Head IP
Shell International B.V., Netherlands
I wrote this article because I could not keep an amazing experience like the LawWithoutWalls only for myself. I want the readers and other in-house counsels to think about different interactive approaches with educational institutions and law firms for the benefit of the legal community. We all only have to win by diversifying our in-house counseling portfolio.
Alda Loureiro
Regional Legal Counsel, Americas
Wäsrtilä North America, Inc, USA
I believe IICJ is a good forum for in house counsel to communicate and exchange ideas and share the difficulties and successes.
Haitao Zhang
Director Legal
CNPC America Ltd., Canada
I have been reading the various article to keep myself updated on trends and developments.
Anne Wilkes
Independent data protection consultant
ACW Privacy Consulting, UK
The IICJ is excellent resource for the in-house practitioner. The articles are always practical and germane to the issues that most general counsels face daily.
Bryan Yeazel
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer (Former GC)
Stock Building Supply Holdings, Inc., USA
The Journal is timely, well edited and provocative. Each addition is must reading for me as a General Counsel of a North American trade association.
R. Mark McCareins
General Counsel
Metals Service Center Institute, USA
Through this subsription, I could keep abreast with the progress and development of other regional laws.
Angeline Yee Yi Wei
Vice President
Maybank, Malaysia
My subscription to IICJ provided me with access to critical thinking by some of the worlds must brilliant attorneys.
Hyattye Simmons
General Counsel
DFW Asian American Citzens Council, USA
Subscription of IICJ keep us always updated of the most interesting topics in the law community. Provides us regular updates how the law evolves so rapidly and invites very inspiring people who gives us different perspectives in vary fields of law.
Isabel Charraz
Country Counsel Portugal and Greece
Citibank Europe Plc , Portugal
IICJ is a reputed journal which publishes interesting updates and informative topics on various legal subjects for the benefit of international readers. In a way, it helps Inhouse Counsel who are subscribed IICJ in keeping abreast with recent updates.
Harish Suryavanshi
Senior Corporate Counsel
Tech Mahindra Limited, India
Simply professional, by professionals
Peter Bergson
General Counsel
Fingerprints, Sweden
IICJ brings together articles written by in house counsel that reveal unique ways to resolve issues on an array of legal subjects including how regulations, client issues or changes in business affect our legal practice. This is a practical, handy
Nishat Ruiter
General Counsel
TED Conferences, USA