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Janne Järvenoja, Director, Legal, Avanade, Finland
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Teresa Laimio, Senior Legal Counsel, Valio Ltd, Finland
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Henri Hätönen, Senior Legal Counsel, Uponor Corporation, Finland
Company Data Protection - Friend or Foe?
Anna Wennakoski, , LL.M. Scholar, Finland
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Maria Wasastjerna, Senior Legal Counsel Competition Law, Nokia Corporation, Finland
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Implementation of Co-operation Contracts Through Joint Training Sessions, Legal Considerations under Finnish Law
Miikka Konttinen, Master of Laws, Neste Oil Corporation, Finland
Individual and Collective Corporate Liability in the European Union and the United States
Anna Wennäkoski, Senior Specialist , Ministry of Transport and Communications , Finland, Finland
Intra-Group Communications: An Avenue to More Efficient Legal Risk Management
Michael Ristaniemi, Legal Counsel, Metsä Group, Finland
Kaisa Enkkela, Communications Manager, VR Group, Finland
Mediation as a Dispute Resolution Mechanism in High Tech Industry Collaborations: A Look at Pharma and Biotech
Jukka Muhonen, Director, Global Business Dev.& Alliance Management, Orion Corporation, Finland
Merger Control in China - Past Practice and Future Developments
Miika Junttila, Senior Legal Counsel, Nokia Siemans Network, Finland
Parental Liability in EU Competition Law - A Fair Presumption?
Maria Troberg, Senior Legal Counsel, Competition, Nokia, Finland
Regulation of Compliance Functions in Finnish Banks - Potential Implications to Banks' Legal Departments
Jyrki Manninen, Senior Legal Counsel, Nordea Bank Finland Plc, Finland
Jussi Pelkonen, General Counsel, Evli Bank, Finland
'shouldn't Mediation be Spreading in Finland and the Nordics?'
Anna Hietala, Associate Legal Counsel, Power Plants Legal Affairs, Wärtsilä Finland Oy, Power Plants, Finland
Tim Williams, Senior Legal Counsel, Wärtsilä Finland Oy, Power Plants, Finland
Technical Data Rights in the Context of the Marine Industry
Tuomas Keltto, Specialist Legal Counsel, Tech Law, Wärtsilä Finland Oy, Finland
The Conception of Public Policy and its Applicability with Respect to Enforcement of Awards of International Commercial Arbitrations in the Russian Federation
Svetlana Björkman, Associate Legal Counsel, Wärtsilä Finland oy, Finland
The High Tech Team
Louise Pentland, EVP and Chief Legal Officer, Nokia Oyj, Finland
What Extraterritorial Application of Competition Law Means for MNCs
Michael Ristaniemi, Legal Counsel, Metsä Group, Finland