2020s Strategic Patent Portfolio Management - Challenges and Opportunities of a new Decade in a Traditional Product Producing Company
Christian A. Mohr, Head of Group Patents - Germany, Electrolux AB, Germany
Competition Law and the European Financial Services Sector: An Overview of Recent Developments
Phoebus Athanassiou, Legal Counsel, European Central Bank, Germany
Compliance Risk Assessment at Siemens
Jan Hansen, Head of Compliance Remediation & Risk Prevention, Siemens, Germany
Compliance Risk Management: A Game-changing Strategy in Mergers & Acquisitions
Isabelle Rust, Head of Third Party Compliance Management, Airbus Defence and Space, Germany
Dealing with Collection Societies
Johannes Ulbricht, In-house Legal Counsel, Exit Games GmbH, Germany
Enlightening The Jungle: The German Rules on Advertising Pharmaceuticals
Thorsten Witt, Corporate Counsel, Celesio, Germany
Foreign Court Judgements and International Arbitration Awards Enforcement
Natalya Seyalova, Sr. Legal Counsel AEM, HeidelbergCement AG, Germany
German Patent Reform Targets “Automatic” Injunctions in Patent Litigation
Dr. Stephanie Bucher, Director & Corporate Legal Counsel, Infineon Technologies AG, Germany
How to Structure a €1bn Pan-European Office Portfolio Sales Transaction for Four German Open-Ended Real-Estate Funds – The Union Investment ‘Aqua Portfolio’ Transaction
Marc Lauterfeld, General Counsel Real Estate, Union Investment, Germany
Roman Reher, Legal Counsel, Head of Real Estate Transactions, Union Investment, Germany
Darius Soglowek, Legal Counsel Real Estate (Syndikusanwalt), Union Investment, Germany
Identifying Controllers and Processors in a Blockchain Environment in the Light of GDPR
Matthias Artzt, Senior Legal Counsel, Deutsche Bank AG, Germany
Innovation Starts with Legal: How In House Lawyers can serve a Company beyond a Traditional Legal Role
Thomas Konowalczyk, VP, Associate General Counsel, CA Technologies, Germany
Intellectual Property Work in Key Figures
Andreas Bong, Managing Partner, Otto Henning, Germany
Maik Ebersoll, Head of Legal Operations, Linde AG, Germany
Letter on the European Commission's Legislative Package on Interchange Fees in Credit Card payments [COM(2013) 550-2013/0265 (COD)]
Roland Paschek, Head of Legal, Lufthansa AirPlus Servicekarten GmbH, Germany
Managing the In-House Counsel Function
Selin Evrem Pattni, Corporate Legal Counsel / Global Key Responsible for General Industry & Marketing and Sales. Henkel AG & Co. KGaA, Henkel KGaA, Germany
New Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) Rules for Share Deals in Germany
Michael Schindlbauer, Legal Counsel, Eyemaxx Real Estate AG, Germany
Requirements in SEP License Negotiations - Substantiating a FRAND Offer – The Relation Between Confidentiality Issues and Providing Evidence for its Own Fair and Reasonable Position
Florian Schmidt-Bogatzky, Attorney, Bird & Bird LLP, Germany
Clemens Heusch, Head of European Litigation, Nokia , Germany
Smart Risk Assessment for Compliance Risk
Maik Ebersoll, Head of Legal Operations, The Linde Group, Germany
Florian Stork, Associate Senior Counsel - Compliance EMEA, The Linde Group, Germany
Stuck in the Middle with You: When U.S. Discovery Orders Hit the GDPR
Matthias Artzt, Senior Legal Counsel, Deutsche Bank AG, Germany
The aftermath of the Apple vs. Samsung battle
Loreto Reguera, Senior Legal Counsel EMEA, Intel Offices - Germany (Intel Brohl Koln), Germany
The definition of legal risk and its management by central banks
Katja Wurtz, Principal Legal Counsel, European Central Bank, Germany
The Future of the Insurance Block Exemption Regulation - or How Special is the Insurance Sector?
Dr. Jeannine Bartmann M.B.L.-HSG, Group Legal Services, Allianz SE, Germany
The Global Stage - Reason for a Change in the Role and Understanding of the Legal Department?
Martin Wagener, Attorney at Law, Audi, Germany
Jochen Hanisch, Attorney at Law, Audi, Germany
The Legal Tech-Train is rolling - better get on board!
Dirk Naumann, Deputy General Counsel , Orange Business Services, Germany
The recent proposals for a reform of the German patent act: A true ‘modernisation’ of the patent system?
Spyros Makris, IPR Policy Manager, Ericsson GmbH, Germany
The Siemens Compliance System 'Prevent - Detect - Respond and Continuous Improvement'
Dr. Jens Burgard Rechtsanwalt, Senior Legal Counsel, Siemens AG Compliance Legal, Germany
The Siemens Compliance System: 'Prevent - Detect - Respond and Continuous Improvement'
Josef Winter, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), Siemens, Germany
Klaus Moosmayer, Chief Counsel Compliance, Siemens, Germany
The Use of Mediation in Settling Patent Disputes
Thorsten Bausch, Partner, Hoffmann Eitle, Germany
Friederike Heckmann, Senior Patent Counsel, Bayer Intellectual Property GmbH, Germany
Why Leadership with Integrity is Crucial to Achieving Sustainable Business Practices for Corporations:
How the In-House Legal Function May Serve as a Driving Factor in Promoting Sustainable Value

Timo Matthias Spitzer, Head of Legal Corporate and Investment Banking Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Scandinavia, Banco Santander, SA., Germany
Klemen Kreča, Legal Corporate and Investment Banking Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Scandinavia, Banco Santander, S.A., Germany