The Changing Face of Commercial Contracts in the Tech Sector

Fiona Morris, Managing Director and Global Lead Counsel, Strategic Contracting, Accenture

I have always loved drafting. There is something about a lovingly honed and sparingly worded clause which tickles my synapses. Elegance of expression meets elimination of ambiguity. At least, that’s the idea. I am inspired by the stories behind the clauses we write. The caselaw characters and actions which bring our role to life. Images of chartered oil tankers and incorrectly built swimming pools float past me as I wrestle with a multi-part liability clause. Drafting is fun because it is the written embodiment of living relationships. It is our job as commercial lawyers to reflect efficiently what is the essence of a business engagement. And, I would argue, to do so in a way which will maximise the chances of success of that joint endeavour.

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