The “Ethics” of the Corrupt

Howard Snoyman, Head: Legal and Ethics, Discovery Health Medical Scheme

C.S. Lewis is quoted as saying that education without values, as useful as it is, merely serves to make man a more cleverer devil. It is our own individual ethics that ground us in our otherwise dogmatic pursuit of commercial success. Some amongst us are, shall we say, less grounded. So how different are we really from those destroying the fabric of society one shady covert transaction at a time through unethical dealings?

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Ethics Healthcare July 2019 Vol.12, No. 48, Summer 2019

Howard Snoyman


Howard Snoyman is both an ethicist and admitted attorney, and attends to matters of a legal, commercial and ethical nature as the Head: Legal and Ethics at Discovery Health Medical Scheme. He holds both LLB and MSc. Med (Bioethics and Health Law) degrees, and has attained the status of Certified Deal Architect (specializing in Vested Outsourcing) from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. His primary focus is best-practice governance of legal, regulatory and ethics-related matters affecting Discovery Health Medical Scheme. Howard is a member of the following professional bodies: - World Association for Medical Law; - Golden Key International Honours Society; - Corporate Counsel Association of South Africa - Ethics Practitioners Association; - Law Society of the Northern Provinces; and - Institute of Directors of South Africa.

Ethics Healthcare July 2019 Vol.12, No. 48, Summer 2019