Resourcing an In-House Legal Department: What’s Enough?

Nicolas Vielliard, Senior Counsel , Shawcor

In this paper, I discuss the requirements of an in-house legal department and the role of in-house counsel. Depending on the size of the organisation (all-encompassing term to include private or public companies, institutions, international organisations and bodies, NGOs and local authorities) budget and vision of its CEO, the in-house counsel’s role, level of influence and the structure of the legal department may vary dramatically. As in-house legal departments become either vital or a necessary evil, I explore their significance, by considering what should be the minimum set-up requirements, who should be part of it and when is the appropriate time for such set-up.

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Management Energy July 2020 Vol.13, No. 52, Summer 2020

Nicolas Vielliard


Nicolas Vielliard is senior counsel at Shawcor and is responsible for all legal matters in the eastern hemisphere region.

Management Energy July 2020 Vol.13, No. 52, Summer 2020