IICJ Paper Corporate Governance Ratings Reha Cirak, Managing Partner, InvestCo, Turkey

The article focuses on the principles of corporate governance and how rating services affect the companies and the investors regarding the subject. Corporate governance is the concept of applying transparency, shareholder rights and accountability to the entities. In the near future, several rating services were born, influencing investors and companies by grading them on the degree of how well they apply corporate governance principles. Recent studies concluded that performance is directly related to the rating a company receives on corporate governance practices. Corporate Governance looks at the institutional and policy framework for corporations - from their very beginnings, in entrepreneurship, through their governance structures, company law, privatisation, to market exit and insolvency. The integrity of corporations, financial institutions and markets is particularly central to the health of our economies and their stability.' OECD
Reha Cirak
After following his graduation from Bilkent University, School of Management, Turkey, Reha started his career in one of the international audit firms followed by several corporate finance houses. In 2005, Reha established his own company, InvestCo and has been serving national and international clients since then. He is also the founder president of the Investor Relations Association of Turkey which is founded in 2007. Reha holds a MBA degree in Accounting and Finance and he is qualified as a Certified Public Accountant.
InvestCo provides national and international clients distinctive advisory services related to mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, investor relations and corporate taxation. For more information please visit www.investcoturkey.com
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