A Walk Down the Indian Labour Codes

Preetha Soman, Partner, J Sagar Associates
Kapil Gaur, Employment Lawyer- India Lead NatWest India , NatWest

A guide to the new Labour Codes in India, including an analysis of the noteworthy changes, their impact upon India Inc. and the steps to be taken by employers in order to align their practices and policies with the new labour law regime.

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India Employment Banking & Finance December 2022 Vol.15, No. 61, Autumn 2022

Preetha Soman


Preetha Soman is a Partner at J Sagar Associates, a leading law firm in India. She specializes in labour and employment laws and advises both domestic and international clients on a wide range of matters ranging from hiring, retention and strategy, employee policies, diversity and inclusion, employee transfers, employee re-organizations in M&A, PoSH (sexual harassment) related matters, disciplinary inquiries, employment terminations etc. With the onset of the COVID pandemic and the world of work witnessing a radical shift, throwing upon several new challenges for employers, Preetha has been actively advising her clients on aspects relating to the future of work, hybrid working and dealing with Workforce 2.0. Preetha has also been advising her clients on the various facets of the Labour Codes and has been assisting them in gearing up for compliance thereunder. . Besides conducting awareness programmes on pertinent employment law topics including with NASSCOM, she also has several articles with leading national and international journals to her credit.

Kapil Gaur


Kapil Gaur is an Employment Lawyer, India lead for NatWest India. Apart from holding master’s degree in law, Kapil is also a qualified Company Secretary with proven track record in managing success in litigation and advisory work. He specialises in labour and employment laws and advises on varied range of complex matters ranging from M&A’s, salary structuring, retrenchment / rationalization strategies, acquisitions, employment contracts, settlements, benefit proposition, pension, superannuation, apprentices hiring, performance evaluation, employment policies – PoSH; disciplinary, flexible ways of working/ WFH model/ SEZ approvals. Kapil has been instrumental in closing several human audits for various valley clients. He has rich experience in legal research and has conducted various external workshops on employment matters for NASSCOM, ICSI, Law Colleges, HR/ ER leaders. Besides his rich experience in employment matters, he has negotiated and closed high valued domestic and international client / IP contracts and real estate deals



Please see : https://www.linkedin.com/in/kapil-gaur-70818668

J Sagar Associates


Please see: https://www.jsalaw.com/

India Employment Banking & Finance December 2022 Vol.15, No. 61, Autumn 2022

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