Leveraging Outside Vendors in a Changing Legal Landscape

Richard Reade, UK General Counsel, ISS
Michael Bell, Founder and managing principal, Fronterion LLC.

Due to economic realities, in-house counsel are being forced to address greater risk exposure and mounting legal requirements, using notably reduced resources. In the drive to do more with less, in-house counsel are changing their relationships with their outside counsel and leveraging a number of innovative strategies to deliver high-value legal services to their organizations. With the upcoming implementation of the Legal Services Act, in-house counsels based in the UK have more options than ever to meet their legal needs. One of the most compelling options is leveraging outside and offshore vendors for legal and legal support services. A number of other innovative alternative delivery models are also becoming increasingly popular.

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UK Outsourcing General April 2010 Vol. 3, No. 11, Spring 2010

Richard Reade


Richard Reade is General Counsel in the UK of ISS. Reade commenced his legal outsourcing operation in August 2008, which has featured in a publication and at training conferences. The innovative sourcing process implemented by Reade has been nominated for a prestigious legal award.

Michael Bell


Michael D. Bell is the founder and managing principal of Fronterion LLC. His expertise covers the full spectrum of legal outsourcing advisory services. Bell was instrumental in Fronterion’s pioneering undertaking as the first firm to take a highly structured approach to the evaluation of the legal outsourcing vendor marketplace. Bell is the author of the first book and comprehensive professional reference guide on outsourced legal services entitled; Implementing a Successful Legal Outsourcing Engagement (www.fronterion.com/book). His work has been published in bar journals and referenced in research publications on the legal outsourcing industry. He is also the author of LPO Source blog (www.LPOSource.com).

Fronterion LLC.


Fronterion is an international management consulting firm exclusively focused on advising law firms and corporate counsels on outsourced legal services. Fronterion clients include a variety of sizes and practice specialties. As the first company to bring a highly structured approach to the assessment of offshore legal outsourcing vendors, Fronterion has helped clients tackle an array of outsourcing challenges and achieve transformational benefits through outsourced and alternative delivery legal services.



ISS is a facility services company and the 5th largest private employer in the world with over 450,000 employees worldwide (43,000 in the UK). ISS is rated the 7th best outsourcing company in the world and is the largest provider of cleaning services in the world and, generally, one of the largest provider of facility services.

UK Outsourcing General April 2010 Vol. 3, No. 11, Spring 2010

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