How to Keep Your Company from Falling Apart: It''s Your Board of Directors. Really.

Mark J. Ohringer, Executive Vice President, Global General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated, USA

1929 Crash. SEC. Bank Failures. FDIC. Savings and Loan Crisis. FIRREA. Enron/Andersen/WorldCom. SOX. Compensation Abuse. CD&A. Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac. FHFA. Lehman/AIG/Global Financial Crisis. TARP, TALF and Dodd-Frank. See a pattern? The history of corporate America is lately more one of failure than success. Some failures resulted from fraud, some from risk not adequately managed. After big failures, there has always been reactive legislation. Yet we all know there will be more excesses, more failures, and thousands more pages of legislation that will still not stop the wrenching downfalls from recurring.

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