IICJ Paper Corporate Governance in Turbulent Times Kishore Vaangal, PhD, Strategic Entrepreneur, Governance Professional and Ethicist, Ram Ram, India

The geostrategic trends all point to the fact that we are firmly entrenching ourselves in turbulent and tumultuous times, and without a doubt, it would be the seminal duty of boards to usher in a perceptive framework of corporate governance to handle the tumultuous and chaotic situations, and in this article, I would be using the exemplar of corporate social responsibility in the global oil and gas verticals to hone in on the dire need to have an astute corporate governance mechanism in order to usher perspicacious measures aimed at the protection of stakeholder interests! The creation of a good corporate governance mechanism would be a condition precedent to facing the future and handling the present - in essence it would have to be evolved astutely so that it would stand up to the tests put forth by these turbulent times.
Kishore Vaangal, PhD
Kishore Vaangal, PhD
Dr. Kishore Vaangal is an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, management evangelist and ethicist and has several advanced accreditations to his credit from some of the most prestigious global academic institutions. In addition, he is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Professional Accountants (Australia), the Chartered Management Institute (UK) and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors even whilst being an academic member of the European Corporate Governance Institute. His exposure as a strategic entrepreneur, business analyst and governance professional spans more than two decades and over the years he has also astutely advised entities globally in the areas of private equity funding, the dynamics of emerging markets and in evolving perspicacious methods of risk-management. The industry verticals that he specializes in are that of infrastructure, oil and gas, high-technology and investment banking. A recent publishing initiative in a highly complex area of corporate governance law titled “Effectuating Acquisition Initiatives” has received worldwide adulation and the work is considered to be a seminal piece of literature in so far as mergers and acquisitions in the global oil and gas industry is concerned and the core of this Article is right out of the elemental findings of the thesis- for a copy of the thesis, please e-mail him at a.global.thought.leader@gmail.com
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