Avoiding Death by Governance: Taking the Governance, Risk and Compliance Frameworks to the next level

John Cowell, General Counsel & Company Secretary, Healthdirect Australia, Australia

Contemporary governance, risk and compliance (GRC) principles advocate the shift from a silo approach to managing governance, risk and compliance to better rationalize the direct relationship between a particular risk, the adequacy of controls to protect against that risk, and the level of compliance to those controls. The premise being that by engineering a closer relationship between governance, risk and compliance, the effectiveness of those management functions will increase at both a divisional and group level.

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Australia Corporate Governance Healthcare May 2015 Vol. 8, No. 31, Spring 2015

John Cowell


John Cowell is General Counsel & Company Secretary for Healthdirect Australia. John is a law graduate from Sydney University with 8 years of public practice in Australia and overseas specialising in Corporate Advisory and Commercial Litigation. With 12 y

Healthdirect Australia


Healthdirect Australia is an incorporated company owned by Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments. The company procures, develops and manages e-Health and Tele-Health services.

Australia Corporate Governance Healthcare May 2015 Vol. 8, No. 31, Spring 2015

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