Library Vol. 2, No. 5, Autumn 2008

Approaches to contracting: does the tail sometimes wag the dog?
Frank Sanford, In-house Counsel, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Switzerland
Binding Corporate Rules, the Accenture experience
Anne Wilkes, Data Privacy Compliance Senior Legal Counsel, Accenture, UK
Corporate Governance: Situation in India as compared to other countries with specific reference to Corporate Governance in US
Amit Atre, Company Secretary and Head - Legal , Persistent Systems Limited, India
Vivek Sadhale, Company Secretary and Head - Legal , Persistent Systems Limited, India
Vikas Agarwal, Company Secretary and Head - Legal , Persistent Systems Limited, India
Criminal Cartels and Liability of Corporate Managers
Beatrice Roxburgh, In-house Counsel, BT Group plc, UK
Drafting Arbitration Clauses and Arbitration Agreements Subject to Italian Law
Gianluca Buoro, Area Manager Financing and Contracting Dept., Danieli, Italy
Five Considerations for US Advisers Contemplating Registration in the UK
John Monsky, Partner and General Counsel, Oak Hill Capital Management, USA
Luke Wilson, Principal Consultant, ACA Compliance Group, USA
Lynne Carreiro, Senior Principal Consultant, ACA Compliance Group, USA
From Private Practice to In-house - Making the Transition
Alice Chan, General Counsel, Pacific Century Premium Developments, Hong Kong
From Sellafield to the States and back again: The journey of BNFL and the effect on its in-house legal services
Sue Quint, Group Legal Director, BNFL, UK
Managing an Effective Investment Bank Legal Department
Hubert de Vauplane, General Counsel, Calyon, France
Numbing the Expert Pinch: Avoiding Expert Disqualification in Construction Litigation
Stephen Butler, In-house Counsel, Parsons Brinckerhoff Inc, USA
Patent Demand - A Simple Path to Patent Reform
Tim Wilson, Senior IP Counsel, SAS Institute Inc, USA
Performing a Preliminary Assessment of Patentability for a New Invention: Guidelines For Non-Patent Lawyers
Rodney Sparks, Senior Biotechnology Patent Counsel, University of Virginia Patent Foundation, USA
Protection of Trade Marks in Jamaica
Tara Carnegie, Legal Officer, Lascelles, deMercado & Co., Limited, Jamaica
Public tenders and public contracts in Italy. The issues that large groups have to face when bidding/contracting with Italian awarding bodies
Giovanni Monteverde, Corporate Counsel, Alstom, Italy
Taking Over a Private Retail Company in Argentina
Eduardo Mariscotti, Legal, Ethics and Compliance Director, Wal Mart, Argentina
'thank you for your co-operation': A practical perspective on managing dawn raids and regulatory investigations
Frank Govaerts, General Counsel, European Group of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Belgium
The future of the legal advisor - impact of technology
Ian McDougall, Legal Director - ECLA, Lexis Nexis Group, UK
The Opportunity of Successful Regulatory Engagement in Emerging Markets
Caleb Raywood, Regional Legal Counsel, Mastercard Worldwide, UAE
The Real ID Act and the Public Administration of Global Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Policies
Bart Bevers, Chief Legal Counsel, Health & Human Svc Commission,, Texas Health & Human Services Commission, USA
Trademarks in Mergers and Acquisitions
Su-Lin Ang, Head of Legal, Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore
Why is there a need for additional EC-guidance on Art 41 of the 8th Directive
Roland deMeulder, Roland de Meulder, Special advisor to ECIIA Board of Directors (European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing ), The European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing (ECIIA), Belgium