Library Vol.10, No. 41, Autumn 2017

Affordable Solar Power for All
Nicole Iseppi, Project Director, ENGIE & Terrawatt Iniitiative, UAE
An In-House Counsel’s Guide to Preparing an Engineering Firm for a Successful Foreign Project
Beverly Tompkins, Vice President, Corporate Counsel, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, USA
Artificial Intelligence: A (semi-intelligent) Overview
Hersh Malhotra, Legal Counsel, eBay Inc., UK
Building Information Modeling or BIM: A case study for an office development project in Paris
Stephane Gaux, Head of the development and property management department of BNP Real Estate, BNP Real Estate, France
Business as Usual?
Robert Alpert, President/In House Counsel, ICALM GROUP, USA
Civil Recovery Litigation – Strategically Navigating a Maze
Divya Kumat, Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary, Datamatics Global Services Limited, India
Convertible Contracts:The In-house Counsel Perspective
Cristina Montanaro, Senior Legal Counsel, TechnipFMC, Italy
FOSS Governance Programs: Why do You Need One?
Michelle Carusone, Vice President and Senior Counsel, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., USA
Helping Your Organization Maximize The Benefits of Free Trade Agreements
Heather Innes, JD, LLB, CIC.c, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Counsel to LexSage Professional Corporation, Canada
How Legal Departments can Strategically Contribute to Corporate Success
Christian Haitz, Senior Group Counsel, HERITAGE B, Switzerland
India’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Regime & Global Economic Influence
Harish Suryavanshi, Senior Corporate Counsel , Tech Mahindra Limited, India
In-House Counsel as a Business Partner: A Middle East Perspective
Asim Habib, Legal Counsel, ABB , UAE
Liability Issues in Advanced Robotics: An Introduction for European In-House Counsels
Corrado Druetta, Legal Counsel - Comau S.p.A., Comau S.p.A., Italy
Open Source, IP and Patent Pledges:
Amanda Brock, Visiting Research Fellow, Centre of Commrecial Law Studies, Queen Mary and Westfield, UK
The Challenges In-House Lawyers Face Today
Claudia Marufuji, Legal Director, Flextronics Internartional Tecnologia , Brazil
The Future is Cordless: How the Cordless Future will Impact Traditional Television
Sabrina Lewis, Director of Business Affairs, Paramount Television, USA
The General Data Protection Regulation in the Spanish System: The Data Protection Officer
Robert Rubió, Head of Legal, Union for the Mediterranean, Spain
The Pros and Cons of Hiring Independent Contractors in an Era of Regulatory Change
Katharine Dunn, Corporate Counsel, Rising Medical Solutions, LLC, USA