Library Telecommunications

A 'Brand' New Leap! - The Malaysian Experience
Sheila Jeya Balan, In-house Counsel, MEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
A Short Note on Patent Cancellation: The Case of Thailand
Isariya Aksaravut, In-house Counsel, True Corporation Public Company Limited, Thailand
Basic Patent Law in Brazil, and Recent Developments
Russell Boltwood, Vice President, Licensing and Intellectual Property, UTStarcom, USA
Big Data & Intellectual Propert: Strategic Alignment for Commercial Success
Karen Hallenstein, Supervising Counsel, Intellectual Property, Telstra Corporation Limited, Australia
Big Data & Intellectual Property: Strategic Alignment for Commercial Success
Jane Perrier, General Counsel for Intellectual Property, Telstra Corporation Limited, Australia
Business Acquisitions in the EU: Key HR Legal Considerations
Darren Isaacs, Solicitor, GQ Employment Law, UK
Leonard Segreti, Senior Corporate Counsel – Labor, CenturyLink, USA
Can Structural Separation be Imposed Under the UK’s Competition and Telecoms Regulatory Framework?
Beatrice Roxburgh, Tutor, The University of Law, UK
Cellular Standards in the IoT: A Brief Practical Guide for Licensing Negotiations
Spyros Makris, IPR Policy Manager, Ericsson GmbH, Germany
Comparative Analysis between the U.S. Executive Order and the Tokyo Prefectural Ordinance against Yakuza - Synchronization of Anti Mafia Activities in Japan, the U.S., and the World
David N'Guyen, In-house Lawyer, Orange Group, France
Competence and powers of the Czech Antimonopoly Office - de lege lata and de lege ferenda
Miroslav Uricar, General Legal Counsel, T-Mobile, Czech Republic
Competition Law, Big Data and Privacy
Maria Wasastjerna, Senior Legal Counsel Competition Law, Nokia Corporation, Finland
Content Portability and the Digital Single Market: Why your favourite content may still not be available to you?
Alec Cameron, Senior Legal Counsel (Intellectual Property & Digital Rights),, Telefonica S.A., UK
Corporate Governance of listed companies: function, models and instruments. Brief notes on the experience of a listed Italian Group
Francesco Chiappetta, General Counsel, Telecom Italia S.p.A, Italy
Criminal Cartels and Liability of Corporate Managers
Beatrice Roxburgh, In-house Counsel, BT Group plc, UK
Current and Future Challenges Facing In-House Counselors and Legal Advisors Electronic (Mobile) Communications Sector
Mojca Stros, Head of Legal Department, Mobitel, Slovenia
Data Protection Regulation in the Republic of Kosovo and Compliance by the Companies: A proposed Model for Kosovo
Merita Kostanica, Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs, IPKO Telecommunications, Kosovo
Different Methods of 'Dominating the Market'
Yury Bochenkov, Head of Legal Department, Orange Business Services, Russia
Digitalisation & Data Protection – Changing Landscape of Indian Telecom Sector
Saswata Dhar, Executive Vice President Legal & Country Counsel, Vodafone India Ltd, India
Dispute Strategies as Means of Additional Revenue
Miika Junttila, Sr. Legal Counsel, Nokia Siemens Networks Australia Pty. Ltd., Australia
Etisalat's Telecoms Regulatory Compliance Program
Sam Robinson, Specialist, Regulatory Compliance, Etisalat, UAE
Nancy Miqdadi, Manager, Regulatory Compliance, Etisalat, UAE
Kim Hilton, Director Regulatory Legal Affairs and Compliance, Etisalat, UAE
EU Towercos or Making the Utmost Value of Current Infrastructures: Eventual Competition Concerns
Xanthi Bitzidou, Senior Lawyer, E.E.T.T, Greece
Fighting the fog: How to provide comprehensible advice on regulatory matters making sure that it is perceived as an added value
Rosario Baratta, General Counsel, Telecom Italia, Italy
Getting Foreign Personnel to Comply, While Respecting Cultural Differences and Allowing Some Level of Operational Independence
Sarah Peter, Senior Corporate Director Ethics and Anti-Corruption and Corporate Compliance Attorney, Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, USA
How an Internet Portal Company Complies with the new 'Personal Data Protection Act' in Taiwan
Jessica Pong, Legal Manager, Yamedia, Taiwan
In the Era of COVID-19 and Data Protection, the Unavoidable Need for BYOD Policy
Francis Aloh, Specialist, Legal Services, 9mobile, Nigeria
In the Era of COVID-19 and Data Protection, the Unavoidable Need for BYOD Policy Testing
Admin Param, IT Manager , Param, India
In-House Legal Counsel and Enterprise Risk Management
Zhang Jianbin, Head of Legal Department, China Telecom Corporation Limited, China
Internal auditing and its role in corporate governance
Mr Balakrishnan Balakrishnan, Company Secretary, HiTs Africa Ltd, Bahrain
Internet Service Providers: Mere conduits of data, or gatekeepers to the threshold of cybercrime? What role do ISPs play in ensuring a safe and secure online environment?
Melanie Jose, Legal Counsel, Telstra Corporation, Australia
Keys to the Successful Acquisition of a Foreign Company
Ronald Prague, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Synchronoss Technologies Inc., USA
Legal Risk Management - Anticipating and Pre-Empting Legal Problems
Aurelia Dragomirescu, Director, Legal, Vodafone Romania, Romania
Merger Control in China - Past Practice and Future Developments
Miika Junttila, Senior Legal Counsel, Nokia Siemans Network, Finland
Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Content in Africa: The Coming Storm?
Akbar Hussain, Sr. Legal Manager - Africa, Airtel Africa, Kenya
Navigating the Turbulent Seas of 21st Century Markets in a 20th Century Boat: How to Keep the Winds of Regulation from Creating a Perfect Storm.
Harisha Bastiampillai, Senior Attorney, Qwest Communications International Inc., USA
Non-Price Discrimination in the Greek Wholesale Electronic Communications Market – The Decision of the Greek NRA and Competition Authority (EETT)
Xanthi Bitzidou, Lawyer, E.E.T.T, Greece
Open Telecom Standardization - How to work with patents - From patent prosecutors to intellectual asset strategists
Christian Arkelius, In-house European Patent Attorney, Ericsson, Sweden
Overview of Ofcom's Recent Decision Requiring Sky to Wholesale its Premium Sports Channels to Competing Retail Operators in the UK
Ciaran Walker, Fomerly Senior Competition Counsel, BT Group plc, UK
Parental Liability in EU Competition Law - A Fair Presumption?
Maria Troberg, Senior Legal Counsel, Competition, Nokia, Finland
Patent Reform: How do we cross the finish line?
Matthew Fawcett, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary, NetApp, USA
Jeremiah Chan, Senior Intellectual Property Counsel, JDSU, USA
Pay-TV Piracy in Europe and Why Media Piracy is Still a Serious Problem, Growing Throughout the World
Christine Maury-Panis, Executive VP, General Counsel, Digital Pay-TV Viaccess - France Telecom, France
Phone-an-In-House Telco Counsel: Keeping up with Technology and (Client) Communications
Marissa Wong, Director, Corporate Counsel for the APAC region, Telstra Corporation, Australia
Mitchell Landrigan, Director, Corporate Counsel for the APAC region, Telstra Corporation, Australia
Playing with Privilege
Mitchell Landrigan, Legal Counsel, Access & Interconnect, Telstra Wholesale, Telstra Corporation, Australia
Regulatory risks during M&A projects: A comparison of European, UK and US frameworks
Nikolaos Dounis, Senior Internal Auditor, Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications S.A., Greece
Requirements in SEP License Negotiations - Substantiating a FRAND Offer – The Relation Between Confidentiality Issues and Providing Evidence for its Own Fair and Reasonable Position
Florian Schmidt-Bogatzky, Attorney, Bird & Bird LLP, Germany
Clemens Heusch, Head of European Litigation, Nokia , Germany
Rough Seas Ahead or Smooth Sailing? Tips and Tricks for In-house Telco Lawyers and Privacy Specialists Navigating Privacy Compliance
Sarah Stone, Corporate Counsel, Optus, Australia
Alison Cook, Associate Director, Privacy, Optus, Australia
Set-off in the Context of Receivable Financing
Pamlyn Lee, Vice President, Global Corporate & Sales Financing, Huawei Technologies, China
Shark-Infested Waters: The New (And Much More Aggressive) Role of Regulatory Oversight and What You Can Do to Keep Your Company Clean
James René, Deputy General Counsel, Alcatel-Lucent, USA
Standards & Patents: The Increased Interplay Between the Two
Hope Shimabuku, Legal Counsel, Research In Motion Ltd, USA
Jim Harlan, Senior Attorney, Research In Motion Ltd, USA
Telecommunication Concessions and Licenses in the Dominican Republic
Estíbaliz Diez, Director Legal & Regulatory, ONEMAX, Dominican Republic
Telecommunications: The challenges of In-house Legal Departments in an environment of constant technology innovation and regulatory changes.
Ricardo Lagreca, Legal Manager, SKY Brasil Serviços Ltda., Brazil
The business risk of M&A activity and the role of internal audit function in the risk management process
Nikolaos Dounis, Senior Internal Auditor, Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications S.A., Greece
The changing nature of the decision-making activity of the European Court of Justice and the regulatory approach of the European Commission in the field of telecommunications regulation
Alice Selby, Senior Regulatory Counsel, T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s., Czech Republic
The High Tech Team
Louise Pentland, EVP and Chief Legal Officer, Nokia Oyj, Finland
The Infrastructure Sharing's Regulation as a Competition Fostering Factor in the Telecommunications Market Worldwide
Evandro Monteiro, In-House Counsel, American Tower Corporation, Brazil
The Legal Tech-Train is rolling - better get on board!
Dirk Naumann, Deputy General Counsel , Orange Business Services, Germany
The Lords of the Ringtones: will one king rule the technology standards of the future?
Adrian Howes, Head of IP and Standards, IP Policy and Advocacy, Nokia Corporation, UK
The New Age in Telecom and IT: A Privacy and Data Protection Perspective
Anca Plovie, Senior Corporate Counsel, Alcatel-Lucent Bell NV, Belgium
The Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance 2018: An Ethical Approach to the Nigerian Corporate Governance System?
Olayimika Phillips, Partner, Olaniwun Ajayi LP, Nigeria
Similoluwa Somuyiwa, Associate, Olaniwun Ajayi LP, Nigeria
Oretayo Olajide, Company Secretary/Director, Legal Services, Emerging Markets Telecommunications Services Limited, Nigeria
The Psychology of Legal Innovation
Bruce Hardy, Legal Counsel - Technology, Innovation & IP, Telstra Corporation, Australia
The recent proposals for a reform of the German patent act: A true ‘modernisation’ of the patent system?
Spyros Makris, IPR Policy Manager, Ericsson GmbH, Germany
The Wates Principles: Corporate Governance in Large Private Companies
Emiliano Berti, Head of Legal and Compliance, Europe, Nokia Corporation, Italy
Ioli Tassopoulou, Head of Legal and Compliance, UK and Ireland, Nokia , UK
Transfer Pricing and the Internal Audit Role in Intercompany Transactions
Nikolaos Dounis, Senior Internal Auditor, Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications S.A., Greece
Unintended Consequences and Australia’s Assistance and Access Act 2018 – Is Australia Creating a Technology Based Human Rights Problem?
Melanie Hutchinson, Legal Counsel, Telstra Corporation, Australia
Universal Service in Argentina: The Challenge of Communicating Argentina
Jorge de Lucio, Senior Legal Affairs Manager, Nextel Communications Argentina S.R.L., Argentina
'Virtual Infringement' - Is it real? How to deal with IP infringement in Virtual Worlds
Jane Perrier, General Counsel for Intellectual Property, Telstra Corporation, Australia
Karen Hallenstein, Supervising Counsel for Intellectual Property, Telstra Corporation, Australia
Voice over the Internet: Inter-carrier Compensation Issues Create Challenges for US In-house Lawyers
Edward Price, Senior Counsel, Global Crossing, USA
What does the Review of the New Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications Really Reveal?
Alice Selby, Senior Head of Legal and Regulatory Services, T-Mobile Czech Republic a. s., Czech Republic