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The IICJ welcomes papers from in-house counsel from all jurisdiction and business sectors on topics they believe need to be shared with others.

Managing in-house teams is becoming more complex as the role of in-house functions develops to include work previously carried out by outside law firms. The IICJ provides a platform for in-house counsel to share knowledge and experience of how they manage their teams successfully.

The first step to submitting a paper is to write a 200 word abstract by completing the form below which will be reviewed by the Editorial Board. Once your abstract has been accepted you will be invited to write your paper. The final paper will be 3000-6000 words.

Topics include recent or proposed changes in legislation at a local, national and international level concerning a specific business sector or all business sectors.

Key areas of focus for articles and case studies are:

• Competition/Antitrust

• Litigation

• Employment

• Data Protection

• Corporate Governance

• Intellectual Property

• Mergers & Acquisitions

• Regulation

• Contracts

• In-house Management

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Since the launch of the International In-house Counsel Journal over 13 years ago, 1000 senior in-house counsel have written articles for the IICJ on topics affecting their departments and their businesses.

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I would like to share my thoughts and commentaries with other in house legal counsel on the recent Malaysian housing development laws.
Angeline Yee Yi Wei
Vice President
Maybank, Malaysia
When I wrote the article for IICJ, the idea was to write an article to enhance the profile of data protection in the workplace. This was a perfect medium to do so.
Anne Wilkes
Independent data protection consultant
ACW Privacy Consulting, UK
This article was the result of a cooperation with my former colleague and team member Nicolas Vielliard who has learned me the secretes of doing business in Brazil. We wanted to share our knowledge with others within the legal community.
Paul Wenting
Legal Manager
Applus RTD Group, Netherlands
I am very passionate about the in-house legal profession and the small part I play in it. Through writing I try to share my experiences with my colleagues and hope to solicit thoughts and suggestions that make my practice better.
Axel Viaene
Group General Counsel & Company Secretary
GrandVision, Netherlands
The task of outlining multinational legal topics to international legal colleagues is a very exciting new perspective to legal work, which I liked to try to accomodate.
Martin Strnad
Head Legal Global Corporate
Zurich Insurance Company, Switzerland
We wrote about cybersecurity in light of recent breaches and the relative lack of distinct legislative guidance on the subject.
Rachel Stern
Senior Vice President, Strategic Resources, General Counsel
FactSet Research Systems Inc., USA
My article about the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission was written to raise awareness about this important new regulatory authority for Australian charities and not for profits.
Louise Steer
In-House Counsel
Fundraising Institute Australia, Australia
IICJ provides a great platform to professionals to express their opinions and share the learning.
Vivek Sadhale
LegaLogic Consulting, India
I wrote the Article to enable the International players in infrastructure and construction projects to get into business in India with full ease about the legal and regulatory side of the project development and operation.
Madan Mohan
Head of Legal
D.S. Constructions Ltd (DSC), India
I wrote the Article to enable the International players in infrastructure and construction projects to get into business in India with full ease about the legal and regulatory side of the project development and operation.
Madan Mohan
Head of Legal
D.S. Constructions Ltd (DSC), India
The International In-House Counsel Journal provides an excellent forum for examining many of the critical IP issues that face global businesses today.
David Koris
General Counsel/Head IP
Shell International B.V., Netherlands
Writing for the IICJ has allowed me to contribute solidly towards an already noteworthy database of best practice and benefit from experiences from my peers on a domestic and international level.
SylviaCY Kong
Assistant Contracts Manager
DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company Ltd, UK
It was an enriching experience and mere pleasure to write an article for the IICJ, an excellent independent journal for international in-house counsel worldwide.
Anita Huss-Ekerhult
General Counsel
IFRRO (International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations), Sweden
IICJ is the most respected Journal for in the in house counsel universe and it is a genuine privilege to be granted the opportunity to write a paper/article that would be published in IICJ
John Giannakakis
Regional Counsel Southern Europe
G4S RMS Ltd , Greece
I enjoy writing for the IICJ because I feel that this audience is comprised of individuals nuanced in the vast complexities of the General Counsel position.
John Fenner
General Counsel
Turner Industries, Ltd., USA
Trademark usage and abuse is common within companies and society as a whole - my paper highlights these issues.
Liz Bui
Vice President and Intellectual Property Counsel
ViaCyte Inc, USA

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